Right Techniques And Attitude Dealing With Bad Weather

Right Techniques And Attitude Dealing With Bad Weather

Attitude is important in golf. This is a difficult game which often leads to frustration even in the most accomplished and talented of players. The best golfers are not only the ones who can hit the best shots, but the ones who can keep their attitude pointed in the right direction most of the time. Negativity is only going to cause trouble on the course, so it should have no place in your game. That is especially true when facing difficult weather, as you already have enough to worry about without having your attitude get in the way of your performance. By staying positive all round long in bad weather, you will be able to keep fighting for a good score even when the elements are against you.

The first thing you need to remember about your attitude on an inclement day is that you need to maintain your patience to the greatest degree possible. There are going to be bad breaks and unfair results on these kinds of days – that’s just how it goes. You might hit a beautiful shot which is blown off-line by the wind at the last possible moment. Or, the wet conditions may cause your foot to slip out from under you right before impact, resulting in a fat shot. No matter what kind of bad breaks come your way, you need to be patient and keep trying your best. Once you lose patience, all hope will be lost for playing a good round.

Another way to orient your attitude in the right direction is to modify your expectations at the start of the day. Let’s say you are a mid-handicap golfer who always starts a round with the hope of breaking 80. You don’t always manage to hit that goal, but it is a target that you strive for whenever possible. On a day with inclement weather, you might want to modify your goal up to something like 85. This will be a more realistic target given the challenges that the weather is going to throw at you. By softening your goals a bit before the round begins, you will be less likely to get frustrated when you come up short. Remember, goals are important and valuable, but only when they are realistic.

The final point we would like to make with regard to your attitude on the course simply has to do with having fun. Yes, this might sound a bit cheesy, but it really is important. Some golfers, even if they aren’t playing in a competition, get very serious about posting a good score on a tough weather day. There is nothing wrong with trying your best, of course, but taking yourself too seriously can cause you to miss out on a fun challenge. Rather than stressing about every single lost stroke, embrace the challenge that the weather presents and have fun hitting shots that you wouldn’t normally try on a nice sunny day.

With the right attitude, you might be surprised to find just how enjoyable golf can be even when the weather is not doing you any favors. In fact, some of your most memorable rounds may take place when you are dealing with some combination of rain, wind, and cold. Do your best to stay positive on the course, be patient when things don’t go your way, and enjoy the challenge of taking on the golf course when Mother Nature is working against you.