Thoughts on Using the Same Golf Ball Model

Should you be using the same golf ball for the long run, let's highlight a few points.

  • Feel free to stock up. Once you’ve picked out the ball model that you are going to use going forward, and you are convinced it is the right model for you, feel free to pick up some stock when you find a good price. By keeping some extra dozens in your garage, you won’t have to run to the store before a round when you realize that the supply in your bag is running a little low. Also, keeping some extras at home will provide you with a buffer in case the model you like is discontinued. Having at least a dozen or two on hand will let you keep playing with the same ball while you start the testing process over again to find a new model.
  • Consider having two options. If you live in an area where the weather – and playing conditions – vary wildly between summer and winter, you may want to have two go-to options. By having a winter ball and a summer ball, you can optimize your performance by always using the model that is best-suited for the conditions at hand. You can think of this in the same way you would think about the tires on your car. Those in cold climates often switch to winter tires when the snow moves in, because winter tires are designed to perform in such conditions. You won’t be playing golf in the snow, but you can use a ball which performs well in soft conditions, while keeping another ball in reserve for when the warm weather comes back.
  • Ride out the rough patches. If you are confident in your ball selection, you shouldn’t be tempted to switch models just because you play a poor round or two along the way. All golfers so through periods of time where they aren’t playing well, so this is no reason to think that there is something wrong with your choice of golf ball. Work on the fundamentals of your game to get out of your slump, and leave your golf ball alone.

It’s pretty simple in the end – the goal is to find a golf ball that suits your style of play, and then use that ball for as long as you can. Amateur golfers tend to change equipment too often, whether it is a driver, a putter, or a golf ball. You want to be as familiar with your equipment as possible, and that familiarity is only going to be developed through experience. Instead of continuing to look for new golf balls as a way to get better, stick with the model you select after some initial testing and then spend your time moving forward on improving your skills. Good luck and have fun out there!