Three Final Points On Club Selection Techniques

Club Selection Techniques

In this article, we want to present three points which should help you moving forward with regard to distance and club selection.

  • Be willing to trust your feel. There are endless variables to encounter on the golf course, and you need to be able to adapt and adjust to those variables on the fly if you want to be a good player. That means that you need to deviate from your yardage ‘schedule’ from time to time, as conditions warrant. So, even if your yardage chart says one thing, feel free to do something else if your feel for the situation tells you that a change is necessary.
  • Adjust within a round. Some days, you are going to feel strong and you’ll hit the ball farther than normal. Other days, your body will be tight and you will have trouble getting anywhere near your standard yardages. If you stubbornly stick to the distances you expect, it may be hard to put together a good round. Be willing to adjust after a few holes to give yourself the best chance at success.
  • Respect the lie. We could easily write another complete article – or several articles – on how the lie of the ball can affect your distances. For now, just be aware that a poor lie is going to dramatically affect how far you can hit the ball. Instead of trying to fight the lie and still achieve full distance, it would be a better plan to alter your club selection accordingly.
  • Every good golfer knows how far he or she can hit the ball, within a relatively small margin of error. Sure, even the best still pick the wrong club from time to time, but that shouldn’t happen often when you have a good grasp on your distances. Take the time to work through the five-round process we outlined earlier in this article if you would like to improve this area of your game. We hope our tips will help you play some of the best golf of your life – good luck!