Improving Your Inconsistent Putting

    As you continue to work on improving your inconsistent putting performance, you may find the tips listed below helpful.

  • Remember that you are going to miss. One of the best ways to improve your putting is actually to remember that you are going to miss from time to time. This might seem like a negative way of thinking, but it is actually relaxing when viewed in the right context. Putting is not about trying to be perfect, as no one in the game of golf manages to make all of their putts. Even top professional golfers miss putts in each and every round. With that in mind, you should feel relaxed to just do your best. Some of them are going to fall in, and some of them are going to roll past the cup. By forgiving yourself for the misses, you should feel less pressure and your putting will be improved overall.
  • Stick with the same putter. Many golfers – both amateur and professional – will decide to replace their putter after just a couple bad rounds of performance on the greens. This is usually a mistake. When you decide to go with a new putter, you are giving away all of the experience that you have with the old putter – and the feel that comes with that experience. This means you are going to have to start from scratch in terms of developing trust and feel with the new club. If possible, stick with your old putter and work through any issues you are having by working on mechanics and mental approach. The golfers who make the most putts are often those who stick with their putter for many years.
  • Add a few minutes to your warm up. If you can, try arriving at the course a little earlier than normal in order to give yourself plenty of time to hit putts. The importance of hitting putts on the practice green before you head to the first tee cannot be overstated. Getting a feel for the speed of the greens on that day just might be the most important part of your warmup process. With a good feel for the greens, you should be able to start your round in a confident state of mind.
  • If you are currently inconsistent on the greens, don’t despair – you certainly aren’t alone. Most golfers struggle to find consistent play on the putting surfaces, and those same players struggle to post consistent scores as well. We hope the tips in this article will help you improve on your putting performance in the near future, as better putting is going to lead directly to lower scores. With steady putting as the anchor of your game, you can move forward to work on other skills which will allow you to take your scores even lower. Good luck!