3 Key Points Playing Shots Near Wall of a Bunker

When you find your ball up close to the front wall of a bunker, you are going to carefully assess the situation before proceeding. You know the technique to use if you decide to aim toward the hole, and you also have a technique in mind for playing back into the bunker.

To finish up, we want to highlight a few remaining points that will complete your education on this topic.

  • Getting out of the sand in another direction. This is an interesting option, as it could improve your situation – or it could actually make it worse. If you have enough room to make a decent backswing, you might be able to play the ball out of the sand and onto the grass in the opposite direction of the green. This would seem like a great idea, because you get out of the trap, but think carefully before you go this route. What kind of shot will you have from your new position behind the bunker? Often, this shot will be just as tricky as the shot you would have if you played into the middle of the sand. That’s not to say you should never take this option – it can work perfectly in some cases – but it is not automatically the best way to go.
  • Not all bunkers are created equal. Some bunker designs are going to make it more likely for you to draw this kind of lie than others. If you notice from back in the fairway that the shape of a bunker will make it likely for your ball to end up in a nasty spot, give that bunker extra consideration while you pick a target. Smart game planning can go a long way toward keeping you out of problematic areas.
  • Commit to your decision. Once you have made a decision with regard to how you are going to play this shot, you need to be fully committed to that decision. You shouldn’t be thinking about the other options while standing over the ball getting ready to swing. Make your decision based on the circumstances you face and then do your best to hit a great shot.
  • Finding your ball up close to the front wall of a bunker is usually going to cost you at least one stroke on the card. With that said, you don’t have to just throw up your hands and give up simply because you’ve wound up in a tough spot. By using the advice offered in this article, and by spending some time practicing your technique, you should be able to limit the damage in these situations. Do your best to avoid losing your patience and instead make a smart choice that will allow you to complete the hole as soon as possible. Good luck!