A Helpful Balance Drill To Control your Center of Gravity

Drills are one of the best ways to speed up improvement in the game of golf. With this article on balance techniques in the golf swing, we want to present you with a simple drill that can speed up your progress toward controlling your center of gravity successfully. While this drill is a perfect fit to add in to a practice session at the range, you can actually perform it anywhere you can swing a club safely. You are not going to hit shots during the drill, so it works as long as you have a club and plenty of room to make a swing.

Follow the steps below to use this drill.

  • You can use any of your clubs to make the swings for this drill, but try starting out with one of your mid-irons. As stated above, you aren’t going to be actually hitting a ball during the drill, so don’t worry about setting yourself up with a ball in front of you. However, even though you won’t be hitting actual shots, you should still take the time to pick out a target and build your stance around the goal of aiming at that target. Aim is a huge part of your golf game, so you never want to miss a chance to develop that skill.
  • With a club in hand and your stance set, it will be time to make a swing. To get started, begin your backswing just as you would when hitting any shot out on the course. Pay attention to your tempo, and start the swing with a smooth move away from the (imaginary) ball. Up to this point, everything is going to be completely normal, with the swing looking no different than it does at any other time.
  • The actual drill is going to begin when the club reaches parallel with the ground on the way back. At this point, you are going to stop and hold your body – and the club – in position. As soon as the club reaches parallel with the ground, freeze yourself in place and hold for a couple seconds. Then, continue the swing up to the top of the backswing, and pause again. After holding for a couple more seconds, go ahead and swing on down and into the finish. When you arrive at the finish position, hold that pose for a couple seconds before resetting.
  • The point of this drill is to allow you to feel the balance during your swing, and to help you notice any points where you may be getting off track. By pausing the action and holding yourself still, you will easily be able to feel if you are leaning off to one side or another. Should you notice a problem, you can work to correct that problem before trying the drill again. Use this drill from time to time to check on your balance and make any fixes that may be necessary.

    Great balance is at the heart of every quality golf swing. If you don’t feel like you can trust your balance currently, get down to work on this point right away. As your balance improves, your ball striking is going to come along with it. Once you have a stable platform for your swing, the sky is the limit on the course. Good luck!