Techniques on How to swing the Club Properly

    If your swinging the club properly with the right body alignment, let’s touch on a couple more points below.

  • Practice deliberately. One of the common mistakes made in the amateur game is rushing through practice, hitting balls as quickly as possible on the range. This might feel productive, as you’ll be making a lot of swings, but those swings may not be very valuable in the end. Instead, you should take your time so you can pay attention to the little details along the way. Specifically, you can work on your ability to properly align yourself prior to each swing. With this work done consistently on the range, it is going to be much easier to find great alignment and perfect aim out on the course.
  • Picture your swing moving down the target line. Sometimes, all it takes to make progress with your swing is some positive visualization. As you stand over the ball at address, picture the club head ripping through the ball during the downswing, moving perfectly down the target line as it goes. Swinging the club in the proper direction isn’t going to happen by accident – you’ll need to think positively and visualize a great swing before actually putting the club into motion. Once you are swinging in the right direction, you should notice that the ball starts to leave your club in the proper direction after most of your swings. If you do manage to make improvements in this area, hitting your targets on the course is going to seem easier than ever before.
  • It is possible that you have been allowing your surroundings to send your shots off track for many years, without even knowing that this was a problem. The average golfer blames a poor shot on their swing rather than their alignment, even though alignment problems are extremely common in the amateur game. By working on improving your alignment in all situations, and your ability to swing the club to match with your alignment, you will be taking a big variable out of the picture. In the end, paying attention to this point is going to make you a better player, and your scores should reflect your progress. Good luck!