Best Technique Tips for Playing in the Wind

While easy swings are a great way to improve your performance in the wind, they are not the only step you need to take. Playing good golf on a breezy day requires a combination of solid swings and proper decision making. In this last section, we are going to focus on the decision-making side of the equation. Take the advice below into consideration as you make your way around the course during your next windy round.

  • Always give yourself plenty of margin. You won’t be as accurate on a windy day as you would be on a calm day. That’s just a fact of life in golf, so you might as well accept it and make smart decisions. Those smart decisions come down to picking targets that give you as much margin for error as possible. Rather than aiming right at the hole when it is cut near a bunker, for example, play to the safe side of the green. These conservative decisions will go a long way toward keeping you out of trouble during a windy round.
  • Pack your patience. Playing in the wind takes patience. It is hard to remain patient when you feel like you are hitting good shots and you are not being rewarded. However, this is just another fact of life regarding golf in the wind. Don’t allow yourself to get down just because a couple of shots have not gone your way. Keep your head up, expect to have some challenges and frustrations along the way, and maintain a positive attitude all day long.
  • Consistently check the wind. You can’t assume that you know where the wind is coming from on one hole just because it was coming from that direction on the previous hole. The wind can change quickly for any number of reasons, from shifting weather patterns to the topography around the course. Be consistent about checking on the direction of the wind before each shot you hit. Some of the best ways to check on wind direction include tossing some grass up into the air, looking at the tops of the trees, and looking at the flag up on the green. Gauging wind direction is never an exact science, but you will get better and better at this skill with experience.

One of the keys to playing good golf in the wind is simply having the right attitude. Rather than looking at the presence of wind as a negative, try to see it in a positive light. If you can play a great round of golf on a windy day, you will know that you have accomplished a meaningful feat.

Of course, it is always important to be safe out on the course, as this is a game played outdoors in the presence of Mother Nature. While playing golf in the wind can be fun, it can also be potentially dangerous if you play on a particularly windy day when there are trees lining the course. Be smart, and get off the course right away if you feel that you are in danger.

We hope our tips for playing in the breeze will help you get more enjoyment out of your next windy round. Good luck!