How Best To Be Avoiding Golf News Media Overload

    In a world that is so saturated with media coverage on nearly every topic imaginable, it is easy to get in over your head. In other words, it is easy to wind up with more information than you know what to do with. As you are setting yourself up to automate your golf news consumption, remember that you don’t want this to take over your life. It’s great that you like to keep up with what is happening in your favorite sport, but too much of a good thing will often lead to burnout.

    One of the keys to building your golf news plan is to limit how many different sources you track for the same kind of news. For instance, all of the major sports news outlets are going to have very similar stories and updates from the PGA Tour. Do you need to read them all? No – probably not. In a similar vein, you probably don’t need to follow every single top golfer on social media. Your feed will quickly become overwhelming, and you might find yourself scrolling through a long list of posts which aren’t particularly relevant to your day to day life.

    Golfers who are particularly passionate about the game sometimes feel that they can never do enough to get as much golf as possible. Be careful with that line of thinking. Sure, you love the game, but you want to make sure it stays that way. If you overload yourself with nothing but golf all day, every day, you might find that the game soon loses its charm. Pace yourself, pick out just your favorite news sources for information, and leave the rest behind.

    Remember, the best thing about being a golfer is actually getting out on the course with your friends for a round. It might be fun to read about others playing golf, but it is much more enjoyable to get out there on the links yourself. If your golf news consumption is taking priority over your trips to the range or the course, you might want to review your priorities a bit. Spending a little more time with your pitching wedge and not as much time with your smartphone will almost always be a positive trade.

    This line of thinking can be applied to every avenue of your life. Technology is here to help you, but it should not become you. As a human being, you have the opportunity to experience many great things, including playing beautiful golf courses, challenging yourself to develop your skills on the links, and much more. Golf news and other sources of information that are provided by others can be enjoyable and informative, but they should also be kept in their place. As the saying goes, everything in moderation.

    When it is golf news that you are looking for, you shouldn’t have to look for long. There are sources of golf news all over the web and on television, so it is really up to you as far as where you’d like to get the news, and from whom. Once you have a clear picture of what kind of golf news you would like to receive, set up a system where you can receive that news as automatically as possible. You will be up to date on everything that is happening in this great game, and you might be able to stump your friends with a trivia question or two as a result. Have fun and enjoy the game!