Golf Info Guide The Key Principles Vol 1 Kindle Edition

This book (now available in Paperback and eBook) offers PGA teaching pros explaining golf's key principles including the meaning of the most important golf terms, how it applies to each aspect of the game, and how to apply it correctly to your game.

If you’re looking for a comprehensive golf guide, this one definitely does the job with flying colors. The explanations sometimes accompanied by pictures are very good, and if you’re looking to improve your game, this resource will be invaluable. This little book is excellent if you’re trying to focus on your practice routine and stresses the importance of being mindful during practice. If you are a golfer that wants to improve, this book is a game changer! It might very well be the most important golf book you'll ever read.

Most golfers aspire to improve their game, yet most golf instructors insist that your swing must meet some specific criteria before you can improve. If you look at any golfer, even Tour pros, they all swing the club differently. The common factor though is the strike.

This is where the book comes into its own. It does not go about changing your swing for the sake of aesthetics, instead it goes about outlining practice drills and ideas to improve your strike and ultimately help you understand what is happening on good and bad shots. Please Click Here >