Golf mini drivers are a type of golf club designed to provide a balance between the distance of a driver and the accuracy of a fairway wood. They are smaller in size compared to traditional drivers but larger than fairway woods. Mini drivers typically have a clubhead volume between 210cc and 250cc, making them slightly larger than fairway woods but smaller than standard drivers.

The mini driver is a very good choice for golfers that prefer a smaller head and a shorter shaft for more control.

The main purpose of a mini driver is to provide golfers with more forgiveness and control off the tee, while still allowing for increased distance compared to fairway woods. They are often used as an alternative off the tee for players who struggle with consistently hitting the larger sweet spot of a driver.

Mini drivers generally have a lower center of gravity, which helps promote a higher launch angle and increased carry distance. The smaller clubhead size also makes it easier to shape shots and control the trajectory of the ball. Additionally, mini drivers allow golfers to customize the club to their desired specifications.

It's important to note that mini drivers are not as commonly used as standard drivers or fairway woods, and their popularity may vary among golfers. As with any golf club, it's recommended to try out different options and get fitted to find the club that suits your swing and playing style best.