Automate Your Golf News World

    There is a downside to all of this information that we have access to around the clock these days. For one thing, it is simply hard to keep up with everything in a news cycle that never seems to give us a break. If you have thought about the various options you have for golf news and started to put together a list, you may wind up with 10 or 20 places to check out regularly. That is hard to do! Even if you have the time available, it’s simply hard to remember where to find them all. You may find that you spend most of your time simply trying to track down the news, rather than just consuming it and moving on.

    So what can you do? As usual, it will be technology to the rescue on this point. By automating the way you find your news, it will become much easier on a day to day basis to find what you are looking for in the golf world. Following are some options and ideas on how to automate successfully.

  • Save some bookmarks. In your favorite web browser, set up a folder for golf-related bookmarks. Then, just add a bookmark each time you come across a golf site that piques your interest. Sure, this method is a bit old fashioned, but it works. When you have a few minutes to spare, you can just go down your list of golf bookmarks and check out some of your favorite sites. You won’t forget about them this way, and you’ll always know where they are when you want to read about golf. For someone who tends to do most of his or her golf reading on the computer, web browser bookmarks are a nice solution.
  • Download some apps. On the other hand, if you are someone who prefers to be on your phone rather than on your computer, apps are the way to go. You can download general sports news apps – such as ESPN – which include info on golf, or you can download golf-specific news apps. With an app right there on the home page of your phone, you’ll never have to look far for golf coverage. This way, you can consume your golf news whenever you have just a few moments free, such as when you are riding the train to work, relaxing on the couch at the end of the day, or anytime in between.
  • Record some shows. If you have The Golf Channel as part of your cable package, set up recordings to catch the shows which interest you most. These may be highlight shows which catch you up to date on the latest pro tournaments, or they may be interviews with top players and coaches. Whatever the case, recording shows so you can watch them on your own time is the best bet. It likely won’t take long before you have a list of favorite shows in mind that you record each week.
  • Set up an RSS feed. This is the right way to go if you are someone who follows a lot of blogs. Rather than needing to visit the website of the blog each day to find out if anything new has been posted, you can simply let your RSS feed tell you when new posts are available. This is a big time saver for many people. Also, you don’t have to have only golf blogs included in your RSS feed. Assuming you like to read about other topics as well, you can design your feed to include a balance of everything that you find interesting.
  • Google alerts. If you would like to be alerted to news right when it happens, you can use Google alerts. This is a handy service which will alert you when new content hits the web that matches your search terms. You may want to use this specifically to keep up to date on niche golf topics that don’t hit the mainstream news. For instance, if you want to know when your favorite course designer starts a new project, you could set up an alert with their name attached. As you gain some experience using Google alerts, you will find that they can be handy for a number of reasons.
  • Yes, it will take a little bit of time to get yourself organized enough to have your golf news feed virtually automated. When you are done, however, you’ll love the way you can just check your news and get on with your day. Reading golf news may be something you enjoy very much, but it is doubtful that you enjoy the process of trying to track down that news. Invest some time upfront in the process of getting organized and you can put things on cruise control from this point forward.