New Close to the Golf Hole Ground Techniques

Golf is a game of precision and skill, and one of the ultimate objectives is to get the ball as close to the hole as possible. The closer you are to the hole, the easier it becomes to sink your putt and finish the hole with a lower score. In this blog post, we will discuss some new techniques that can help you get closer to the golf hole.

1. Visualize the Shot:

Before you take your shot, take a moment to visualize the path of your ball and where you want it to land. This will help you mentally prepare for the shot and increase your chances of hitting the target.

2. Use Your Wedges:

Wedges are specially designed golf clubs with a higher loft angle, making them perfect for short shots around the green. By using different wedges, you can control the trajectory and distance of your shots, allowing you to get the ball closer to the hole.

3. Master the Chip Shot:

A chip shot is a low flying shot that is used to get the ball close to the hole when you are near the green. To master the chip shot, focus on keeping your wrists firm, your hands ahead of the ball, and making clean contact with the ball.

4. Experiment with Different Putting Grips:

The way you hold your putter can greatly impact your putting stroke. Experiment with different putting grips, such as the traditional overlap grip or the cross-handed grip, to find the one that feels most comfortable and provides the best results for you.

5. Read the Green:

Understanding the slope and break of the green is crucial for getting the ball close to the hole. Take your time to read the green before making your putt, looking for any subtle breaks or uphill/downhill sections that may affect the roll of the ball.

6. Practice Distance Control:

Getting the ball close to the hole is not just about accuracy, but also about distance control. Practice your distance control by hitting shots to different targets at varying distances, focusing on hitting the ball the desired distance each time.

7. Use Course Management:

Course management involves making strategic decisions on the golf course to maximize your chances of getting the ball close to the hole. Consider your strengths and weaknesses, as well as factors such as wind and hazards, when deciding on your shot selection.


Getting the ball close to the golf hole requires a combination of technique, strategy, and practice. By visualizing your shots, using the right clubs, mastering chip shots, experimenting with putting grips, reading the green, practicing distance control, and employing smart course management, you can improve your chances of getting closer to the hole and lowering your golf scores.

Remember, golf is a lifelong learning process, and it takes time and dedication to become proficient at getting the ball close to the hole. So, keep practicing, stay patient, and enjoy the journey of improving your golf game!