Sam Burns utilizes a grip known as the overlapping grip, which is one of the most common grip styles in golf. Here are some key details about Sam Burns' grip:

  1. Left Hand Placement: Burns positions his left hand on the club with a slightly strong grip. The “V” formed by the thumb and index finger points towards his right shoulder (for a right-handed golfer). The grip runs diagonally across the base of his fingers, and the pad of his left thumb rests on top of the grip, slightly to the right side.
  2. Right Hand Placement: Burns overlaps his right pinky finger with his left index finger, creating a secure and connected grip. The fingers of his right hand wrap around the grip, with the base of his right thumb resting against the left side of the grip. This overlapping grip style promotes stability and control throughout the swing.
  3. Grip Pressure: Burns maintains a firm grip pressure without being overly tight. This allows for control and a solid connection to the club throughout the swing. It also helps him maintain a consistent grip pressure, which is crucial for consistent ball striking.
  4. Finger Positioning: Burns positions the grip primarily in the fingers of both hands. This allows for better control and a lighter grip pressure, which can enhance the feel and sensitivity of the club.
  5. Clubface Alignment: Burns focuses on squaring the clubface at address and throughout the swing. His grip allows him to maintain a neutral clubface position, which is essential for accurate ball striking.

Sam Burns is a professional golfer from the United States who competes on the PGA Tour. Here are some key details about Sam Burns as a PGA pro:

  1. Early Career: Sam Burns was born on July 23, 1996, in Shreveport, Louisiana. He began playing golf at a young age and showed great promise in his junior and amateur career. Burns had a successful collegiate golf career at Louisiana State University (LSU) before turning professional in 2017.
  2. Professional Debut: Burns earned his PGA Tour card through the Tour in 2017. He made his professional debut at the Safeway Open in October 2017. Burns quickly made an impact with his strong performances, showcasing his skills and potential on the professional stage.
  3. Playing Style: Sam Burns is known for his powerful and aggressive style of play. He possesses excellent length off the tee and is known for his ability to hit the ball a long way. Burns also has a solid short game and is known for his accuracy on approach shots.
  4. Career Highlights: Burns has achieved notable success on the PGA Tour. He recorded his first professional win at the 2020 Valspar Championship, where he displayed his impressive ball-striking and composure under pressure. Burns has consistently been ranked among the top golfers in the FedEx Cup standings and has earned numerous top-10 finishes in PGA Tour events.
  5. Swing Characteristics: Burns has a technically sound and repeatable golf swing. He generates excellent clubhead speed through a smooth and controlled backswing and unleashes power through his downswing. Burns' swing is known for its efficiency and balance, allowing him to deliver consistent and powerful shots.
  6. Personal Characteristics: Sam Burns is known for his laid-back and composed demeanor on the golf course. He maintains a calm and focused mindset, which contributes to his ability to perform well under pressure. Burns is highly regarded for his work ethic and dedication to improving his game.
  7. Future Potential: As a young and talented golfer, Sam Burns has a promising future ahead. With his combination of power and accuracy, he has the potential to compete at the highest level of professional golf and contend in major championships.

Sam Burns' impressive skills, consistent performances, and rising status on the PGA Tour make him an exciting player to watch. As he continues to develop and refine his game, he is expected to be a prominent figure in professional golf for years to come.