Now You Can Improve Your Swing With LiveView Pro’s Guided Video Feedback

It sounds complicated, we know, but the truth is that technology is now playing a big part in every golfer’s life, and the same philosophy stands true in regard to improving one’s game. Today’s news is about the hugely popular LiveView Pro camera, which has become an instant hit among both tour professionals and casual golfers alike. The concept behind the LiveView Pro camera is that you can’t really make progress in your golf-technique if you lack self-awareness, which incidentally is a crucial skill if you’re really looking to make your golf-game and your golf swing better.

Here the LiveView Pro camera comes into play. If you’re not familiar with the gizmo, this tech gadget is basically a very compact wireless video-recorder which can be attached onto one’s alignment rod, thus helping with capturing your golf swing from virtually any angle. Then, the wireless camera is synced to your smartphone, laptop/PC or tablet via the specially designed LiveView app, which is available for both Apple and Android users, and you’ll instantly get a mirror image or video of your golf swing in real time.

Now You Can Improve Your Swing With LiveView Pro’s Guided Video Feedback

It doesn’t get any better than that when it comes to analyzing your own swing, thus being able to discover your faults, hence to increase self-awareness. However, since we live in the digital age and Artificial Intelligence is becoming ubiquitous, now you have the Swing Tool feature added to the LiveView app, since LiveView Sports decided that the human eye is not perfect, hence you should have proper tools to guide you in regard to recognizing perfect form. More human than human, that’s the motto, and that’s why Swing Tools has become a cool feature in the LiveView app. To make a long story short, this app allows golfers to literally draw coaching objects on their smartphone/laptop display. The app uses lines which help with indicating the correct swing plane, as well as circles to verify head positions or posts, which track and verify one’s head and body movements, in order to determine the right posture, or something along these lines.

During one’s golf practice swing, you’ll be able to constantly check your own form and compare it to the guide displayed on your smartphone/whatever gadget via the mirror image video, as the coaching objects will stay on the screen, and they can even be automatically transferred to recorded videos. The app is capable of automatically recording your swing for 2 seconds before ball impact and 2 seconds after, and we’re talking here about the auto-record feature, then you’ll instantly get a slow motion replay of your moves. It doesn’t get any better than that, right?

Due to the Swing Tools’ transferable nature, the coaching objects will be available on the replay video, thus helping you to scrutinize your swing motion in full detail, and then to improve/make adjustments or whatever you deem necessary. Moreover, you can save your coaching objects for future use as a template of sorts; in this way, you’ll save time and also benefit from consistency for both your practice sessions and overall learning curve. The Swing Tools option is the latest reason for which the LiveView Pro camera makes for a supremely versatile and valuable training aid, which is excellent for both casual players who like to monitor their progress and take personal responsibility for their swing improvement, and golfers who work with personal trainers, as the possibilities of training with this high tech aid are literally endless.