Hitting an offset driver can be beneficial for golfers who struggle with a slice or a tendency to fade the ball. The offset design of the driver helps to promote a draw or a straighter ball flight. Here are some tips on how to hit an offset driver:

  1. Setup: Begin by setting up with the ball aligned slightly inside your lead heel. This will help promote an inside-out swing path, which is essential for hitting a draw with an offset driver. Position your feet shoulder-width apart and maintain good posture throughout the swing.
  2. Grip: Maintain a neutral grip on the club. Avoid gripping the club too tightly, as this can restrict your wrist movement. A relaxed grip will allow for a fluid and unrestricted release through impact.
  3. Ball Position: Position the ball slightly forward in your stance, just inside your lead heel. This encourages a sweeping motion through impact and helps to promote a more upward strike on the ball.
  4. Swing Path: Focus on swinging the club on an inside-to-outside path. This helps to counteract the offset design of the driver and promotes a draw or a straighter ball flight. Visualize swinging along a slightly closed or right-to-left path, depending on your desired shot shape.
  5. Clubface Alignment: Make sure your clubface is square to the target at address. With an offset driver, the clubface may appear slightly closed. However, the offset design helps to compensate for this, so you don't need to manipulate the clubface excessively.
  6. Lag and Release: Maintain good lag in your swing by creating a slight wrist hinge on the backswing. This allows for a powerful release through impact, helping to generate clubhead speed and a solid strike. Focus on smoothly releasing the club through the hitting zone, allowing the offset design to work in your favor.
  7. Practice Drills: Incorporate drills into your practice routine to help reinforce the proper swing path and release. One drill is the “Inside-Out Drill,” where you swing the club along an exaggerated inside-to-out path, feeling the clubhead approach the ball from the inside. Another drill is the “Draw Drill,” where you intentionally try to hit a draw by swinging along a more closed path and releasing the club through impact.
  8. Visualization and Feel: Visualize the desired shot shape before each swing. Imagine the ball starting slightly right of the target and drawing back towards it. Develop a feel for the correct swing path and release by focusing on the sensation of swinging from the inside and smoothly releasing the club through impact.
  9. Experiment and Adjust: Each golfer's swing is unique, so it's important to experiment with different techniques and make adjustments based on your own tendencies and ball flight. Pay attention to the feedback from your shots and make necessary tweaks to achieve the desired results.
  10. Practice and Patience: Hitting an offset driver effectively takes practice and patience. It may feel different initially, but with consistent practice and repetition, you can develop a reliable swing with an offset driver that helps you hit straighter and more controlled shots.