Jim Furyk, a professional golfer known for his unique and distinctive swing, has a swing sequence that differs from the traditional golf swing. Furyk's swing incorporates a loop or unconventional looped backswing. Here's a breakdown of the key elements in Jim Furyk's swing sequence:

  1. Setup: Like any golfer, Furyk begins with a proper setup, aligning himself to the target line and gripping the club.
  2. Takeaway: Furyk's takeaway involves a slight wrist hinge and a rotation of the clubface, moving it away from the ball. His takeaway is relatively low and wide, with the clubhead staying outside the target line.
  3. Loop in Backswing: This is the defining feature of Furyk's swing. During his backswing, Furyk has a distinctive loop or “inside-out” movement in which his clubhead moves behind his hands. This loop is created by his hands dropping behind him before rerouting the club back on a more traditional plane.
  4. Upright Backswing: Despite the loop, Furyk's backswing maintains a relatively upright position, with his club pointing well to the right of the target line at the top.
  5. Transition and Downswing: Furyk initiates his downswing by shifting his weight to his left side while starting the rotation of his hips. His hands drop into the slot and he unleashes a powerful and compact motion, delivering the club on an inside-to-out path.
  6. Impact: At impact, Furyk achieves a square clubface, ensuring solid ball-striking. Despite the unique backswing, his impact position is similar to that of other accomplished players.
  7. Follow-through and Finish: Furyk's follow-through is compact and balanced, with his club reaching a high position after impact. His finish typically has a full extension of the arms, allowing for a controlled and complete swing motion.

It's important to note that Furyk's swing is a testament to individuality and adaptability in golf. While his swing may not conform to conventional norms, Furyk has achieved great success in his career, including winning the 2003 U.S. Open.

It's worth mentioning that attempting to replicate Furyk's swing can be challenging and may not be suitable for every golfer. Golfers should focus on developing their own swing that is comfortable, repeatable, and produces consistent results. Working with a qualified golf instructor or coach can help golfers refine their swing and maximize their potential.