Hitting More Greens Top 3 Tips

    It might be a pretty obvious point, but the best thing you can do to deal with a fluffy lie is keep your ball away from that fluffy lie in the first place. If you hit the green with your approach shot, there won’t be any fluffy lies to worry about – because you will be too busy putting for birdie. The tips listed below should help you increase your greens hit percentage in upcoming rounds, meaning you will be less likely to have to chip from the fluffy lie that we have been describing in this article.

  • Hit more fairways. Okay – so that is an obvious point, but it is the biggest element when trying to hit more greens. If you can place the ball in the fairway on a consistent basis, you are naturally going to hit more greens. To hit more fairways, think about using less club off the tee to emphasize control over raw power. Also, work on picking conservative target lines that let you play to the wide side of the fairway. Being aggressive with your game plan usually doesn’t pay off in golf, as this is a game which tends to reward the patient over the bold.
  • Play to the middle distance. When getting ready to hit an approach shot, you probably take a moment to determine the exact distance to the hole location for that particular day. That is a good idea, of course, but it doesn’t mean you need to base your club selection on that number. Instead, consider picking your club based solely on the yardage to the middle of the putting surface. Play this way for an entire round and you might be surprised at the results.
  • Make controlled swings. You shouldn’t be swinging at 100% effort when hitting your iron shots. In fact, you should be closer to 75% or 80% than you are to max effort. Making controlled swings is going to help you hit your target lines, and it is going to help you hit the ball solidly more often. There is no reward for the player who hits the shortest club into the green, so stop trying to play such a power-focused game. Pick a club that you know can reach the green with a comfortable swing and then focus your attention on balance and rhythm rather than power.
  • There isn’t much fun about chipping from a fluffy lie around the green. You are going to have a hard time hitting this type of shot cleanly, and your distance control will suffer as a result. When these types of lies do pop up, your best bet is to be conservative with your decision making and avoid putting yourself in deeper trouble. We hope the advice provided in this article will help you make the most of a bad situation – good luck!