Golf’s Barrier to Entrance and Growing the Game

The game of golf has been around since the 1400’s and has since been spread throughout the entire world. During this time, golf has gained reputation of a snobby sport for the rich to play. People think the only use for a golf course is for business executives and CEOs to conduct business and build relationships. There are many golf courses that cost hundreds of dollars just to play 18 holes and other courses that are private and exclusive. It’s these places and the false representations that deter people from picking up the game. The reality is, golf courses are filled with people of all ages and backgrounds just enjoying the game.

People don’t often pick up the game of golf out of nowhere. A golfer is almost always formed by a family member or friend taking them out for the first time and getting them addicted. People don’t feel comfortable going out and buying a set of clubs and walking into the nearest golf shop.There are many long winded rules which makes picking up the game alone a daunting task. People see the confusing rule infractions on TV and it deters them from golf in general. All golfer’s have the responsibility of growing the game and making this reputation a thing of the past. We can achieve that by taking someone out and teaching them about golf. This season. be a mentor to a new golfer of any age.

The recent years have shown a steady change of attitude in the golf industry and the focus has been set on growing the game to everyone. After the recent years saw closures of hundreds of golf courses in the United States, the golf industry has began making changes that will make the game more approachable for everyone. One of the major adaptations in the game of golf is the new rules changes for 2019. Some of these rules changes were implemented to make the game more enjoyable and less confusing. For example, golfers can now take their ball from a bunker for a two stroke penalty and fix spike marks on the green. Also, there will be no penalty for a player that accidently moves his ball. These rules changes are good for the game because it makes it more enjoyable for everyone and it speeds up the pace of play.

A challenge that remains for the future of golf, is still the cost of entry. With improvements in technology, golf clubs are more expensive to make now than they ever have been before. Combined with the high cost of greens fees, golf is an expensive sport to pick up. Unfortunately, there are few solutions to these issues because of the cost of producing golf clubs and the cost of running a golf course are so high. This is a great reason for the USGA and R&A to focus on the aspects of the game that they can change in order to grow the game to new crowds.