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    Can You Make a Full Set from Hybrids? Part 5

    With all the talk about how useful and easy to hit hybrid clubs are, you might be wondering – is it possible to just make a full set of hybrid clubs? Yes – it is. Companies like Thomas Golf offer a full range of hybrids that run the complete selection of lofts that you would see in a traditional iron set. Rather than using a set of irons to compliment your driver and three wood, you would just carry a couple of traditional woods and hybrids for the rest of your set. While it might be a unique method, there are plenty of positives to taking this approach.

    The first benefit you will find to trying this strategy is simply the consistency that you can have throughout your set. Rather than having to move from a hybrid club into your iron set and using slightly different swings for each, you will have the comfort of knowing that you will be looking down at the same type of club for all of your shots. Consistency is a great thing on the golf course, so gaining it in any way you can is something you should consider.

    Another advantage to the all-hybrid set of clubs is the way they can deal with any lie that you encounter. Hitting a long iron, or even a mid-iron, from a bad lie in the rough is a task that is almost impossible for most golfers. However, hitting a hybrid from that same lie might be very possible. Conquer shots that you would have once not even attempted just by changing up the composition of your set to include all hybrids. Hybrid golf sets take the fear out of many lies on the golf course that would have once left you thinking about laying up instead of going for the green.

    One more thing to consider regarding the use of hybrid golf sets is the higher ball flight that can be achieved for players with a lower swing speed. If you have a below average swing speed and have always struggled to get much loft on your iron shots, you may have trouble stopping the ball on the greens – especially when the conditions are dry and firm. By switching to a hybrid golf set, you may be able to add some height to your ball flight and get the ball to stop faster after it lands. That can make a big difference in how close you can get the ball to the hole, and how many pars and birdies you are able to make.