Anglebrook Golf Club Course Review

    1. Anglebrook Golf Club Course Review

    Robert Trent Jones Sr. last design was picked by Golf's Digest as being the 16th best in the state of New York and I really don't understand why this golf course is not listed in America's Top 100, as it's one of the best groomed golf courses out there and outstandingly beautiful, being an actual post-modern masterpiece. Truth be told, there are advantages when playing on hidden gems like the Anglebrook Golf Club, I mean there's never crowded here and that's great in my book. However, Anglebrook is an award winning golf club and it's known for hosting important events, such as NY State Open and U.S. Amateur qualifying, as well as a Met PGA Section Pro-Am in the last 6 years. Three years ago, Anglebrook Golf Club hosted their most important event, the 2013 MGA Mid-Amateur.

    Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club Course Review

    2. Arcadia Bluffs Golf Club Course Review

    Now, as far as reviews go, my first advice to you is to stop thinking about it, just get a beer, grab a cart and go enjoy a beautiful game of golf on Arcadia Bluffs, one of the most inspiring and in the same time difficult golf courses in the US. There's no way around it, you must see it to believe it. Another thing that caught my attention was the jaw dropping view of the lake Michigan and the golf club's 3100 feet of shoreline, these make for an absolutely epic scenery, contributing to your overall gaming experience in the most pleasant way. Some people say that Arcadia Bluffs is more beauty than skills (as in brains), but then again, just get there and criticize it afterwards. In my experience, Arcadia Bluffs is the best public course in the Mid West, offering quite a few of unique hole designs and awesome visuals which very few others can rival.

    Aronimink Golf Club Course Review

    3. Aronimink Golf Club Course Review

    Aronimink Golf Club was host for a PGA AT&T Tour national event in 2010 and 2011. Now, talking about creating a masterpiece, the Aronimink Golf Club is well known for its very challenging par 4s, especially when it comes to the opening 4 holes, as these may be described as the baptism by fire for the uninitiated. This private golf course offers a very classic feel and due to its clean design and the lack of complications, it will appeal to old school golfers, being a walking only golf course (caddies available).

    Another think to be aware of with regard to the Aronimink Golf Club is that its fairway bunkers are very tricky to get out of and I'd strongly suggest you to hit the fairway. The rough is very thick and solid, making it relatively difficult to reach the green while in the rough, so I must emphasize my first suggestion: stay in the fairway. Other than that, the Aronimink Golf Club is located in Newtown Square, PA and the price is $95 for the round and $85 for the caddy.

    Asheboro Country Club Review

    4. Asheboro Country Club Review

    The layout is pretty normal, but beware, trees line the entire golf course and provide a bit of defense throughout. When stepping onto the 1st tee, you will be greeted with a straight forward layout, and a very good opportunity to open the round with a birdie. The second hole provides a bit of a test, with a slight dog-leg left, and a tight landing area to the right side of the fairway.

    Asheboro Municipal Golf Course Review

    5. Asheboro Municipal Golf Course Review

    Sitting at just over 3,000 yards in total, scoring is everywhere during this 9 hole round. Surprisingly enough, the first 3 holes all sit at just under 400 yards, and actually have quite a bit of defense. The first hole is a slight dog leg left, and is tree lined from tee to green. You need to keep your drive to the right side of the fairway, or you could be blocked out for your second shot. The second hole is actually straight away, but it is tree-lined as well. You need to be smart off the tee, and hit something that will get you in play and keep you inside the tree line.

    Asheville Municipal Golf Course Review

    6. Asheville Municipal Golf Course Review

    The par 4 tenth hole is reach able in one, and allows for you to start the back on a high note before reaching the tight par 4 11th hole. When you reach the 12th hole, you have the potential of reaching another par 4 in one, but you need to be careful the hole is very tight, and if you stray off of the fairway, trouble awaits. The next difficult task is actually on the par 5 15th, which is extremely tight and lined with trees from tee to green. You dont have many areas to miss, so I suggest an iron off of the tee to ensure you reach the fairway safely. The rest of the round will give you birdie opportunities on each hole, but again, take an iron off of the tee and you will be fine. If you are looking for immaculate course conditions, then Asheboro Municipal may not be for you. With that said, if you are looking for a fun-filled round, and birdies in bunches, then stop by and give it a try.

    Augusta Country Club Course Review

    7. Augusta Country Club Course Review

    Bottom line, Augusta Country Club is a truly magnificent place for the classic golfer, being as private as it gets and imbibed with history. The old school design features strategic/excellent bunkering and awesome greens, while the undulations will provide you with lots of fun. If you ever have the chance, give Augusta Country Club a try, you'll thank me later.

    Augusta National Golf Club Course Review

    8. Augusta National Golf Club Course Review

    Playing a round of golf on Augusta National is maybe the most coveted 4 hours for almost any golf aficionado in the US, but you have to be either very lucky or very rich to get in. Or, you'll have to be invited by a member. Also, playing on Augusta National can be regarded as a once in a lifetime experience, with challenging greens and making for the ultimate golf experience, being very hilly with unimaginable greens in terms of slope and speed (the fastest I've ever tried). Bottom line, if you want to experience the holy grail of world's golf courses, the Augusta National is a must-try in this life, being as beautiful and as challenging as it gets, making for an absolutely amazing experience. Get there with a laid back mind set and don't forget to bring sunscreen, as the Augusta National is the ideal environment for relaxing and playing a great round of golf (remember, no cellphones allowed).

    Ayden Golf and Country Club Review

    9. Ayden Golf and Country Club Review

    Although there are a goof amount of dog-legs, the majority of them are pretty simple, with the exception of the par 4 sixth hole. This one packs a punch, and you have to be very smart to walk out of this one with a par. Sitting at just over 380 yards, there is no need to launch a driver off of the tee. Keep an iron in hand, and find the fairway or you will find trouble. Once you find the fairway, the fun is not over, now you have to avoid the creek running in front and to the left of the green, which has taken down more golf balls than any other hole on the course. The miss here is long and right, and leave yourself below the hole to have a good shot at par.

    Ballyhack Golf Club Course Review

    10. Ballyhack Golf Club Course Review

    There are quite a few blow-out bunkers, aimed at emphasizing the rugged and somewhat wild landscape. Also, the Ballyhack golf course is built on a gigantic scale, looking very, how should I put it, natural, but with a slight touch of human hand on its huge greens. Just to get an idea, the 18th hole is a gigantic 20,000 square feet. There's a flip-side to that coin, I mean the Ballyhack golf course is not the easiest walk you've ever experienced, being pretty strenuous even for the fittest golfer. However, the experience and the scenery are unforgettable and if you're a traditionalist/old school golfer, you'll get over the small unpleasantnesses, as you'll be playing on Virginia's most exciting piece of real estate. Bottom line, the Ballyhack golf course is a once in a life time experience, a must-try in this life, as it will leave you with an unforgettable impression. To describe it in a few words, the Ballyhack is the more you play it, the more you like it kind of a golf course.