Here are some notable golf trick shot artists known for their impressive displays of skill and creativity:

Top Golf Trick Shot Artists

Peter Finch

  1. Dude Perfect: This group of friends turned YouTube sensations has gained worldwide recognition for their incredible trick shots in various sports, including golf. They combine precision, coordination, and creativity to execute jaw-dropping golf trick shots.
  2. Wesley Bryan: A professional golfer turned trick shot artist, Wesley Bryan gained popularity through his entertaining videos showcasing his trick shots and incredible accuracy. He often incorporates unique obstacles and challenges into his shots.
  3. Geoff Swain: Geoff Swain, also known as “The World Golf Trick Shot Champion,” has won numerous titles in trick shot competitions worldwide. His repertoire includes impressive trick shots involving precision, accuracy, and showmanship.
  4. Tania Tare: Tania Tare is a professional golfer and trick shot artist known for her impressive skills and creativity. Her videos on social media platforms showcase her ability to execute unique trick shots and combine them with freestyle elements.
  5. Ryan Rustand (Coach Rusty): Ryan Rustand is a PGA professional and trick shot artist known for his incredible skills and innovative trick shots. He incorporates impressive club manipulation, juggling, and precise shot-making into his routines.
  6. Mathias Schjoelberg: Mathias Schjoelberg, also known as “The Crazy Norwegian,” is a golf trick shot artist known for his unconventional and daring shots. He incorporates elements like acrobatics and extreme precision in his performances.
  7. Josh Kelley: Josh Kelley is a trick shot artist known for his mastery of difficult shots, including bouncing the ball off various surfaces, hitting accurate shots from unusual positions, and executing precise trick shots with multiple clubs.
  8. Peter Finch: Peter Finch is a PGA professional and trick shot artist who gained popularity through his YouTube channel. He combines humor, creativity, and impressive shot-making in his trick shot videos.

These are just a few examples of golf trick shot artists who have gained recognition for their talent and creativity. Each artist brings their unique style and innovation to the world of trick shots, entertaining audiences with their impressive displays of skill and imagination.