Minimizing three-putts on the golf course is a key aspect of improving your overall score. Here are some tips to help you reduce the number of three-putts:

  1. Improve lag putting: Lag putting refers to longer putts where your primary goal is to get the ball close to the hole rather than making it. Focus on developing a consistent and controlled stroke for lag putts. Practice your distance control and aim to leave yourself with shorter, more manageable second putts.
  2. Read greens effectively: Spend time studying the contours and slopes of the greens before you putt. Pay attention to any subtle breaks or grain direction that might affect the ball's roll. Develop your green-reading skills and trust your judgment when it comes to reading the line and speed of your putts.
  3. Develop a solid putting routine: Establishing a consistent putting routine can help you focus and maintain a steady stroke under pressure. This routine can include visualizing the line, taking practice strokes, and aligning your putter properly. Stick to your routine for every putt, regardless of the length or difficulty.
  4. Practice distance control: Work on your distance control by practicing various length putts. This will help you develop a better feel for how hard to hit the ball for different distances. Experiment with different lengths of backswing and follow-through to find a comfortable rhythm and consistent distance control.
  5. Prioritize solid contact: Focus on making solid contact with the ball at impact. Strive for a smooth and consistent stroke that allows the putter face to make square contact with the ball. Avoid decelerating or “jabbing” at the ball, as this can lead to mishits and inconsistent speed control.
  6. Work on short putt accuracy: While three-putts often occur on longer putts, it's important not to neglect your short putt accuracy. Practice short putts to build confidence and improve your ability to make those crucial one- and two-foot putts consistently. Developing a reliable stroke for short putts can help eliminate unnecessary three-putts.
  7. Maintain a positive mindset: Putting requires focus and confidence. Approach each putt with a positive mindset, visualizing a successful outcome. Avoid dwelling on previous missed putts and maintain a confident and optimistic attitude throughout your round.

Remember, minimizing three-putts requires practice and consistency. Incorporate putting drills and exercises into your practice routine to refine your stroke, distance control, and green-reading skills. By improving your lag putting, developing a solid routine, and maintaining a positive mindset, you can significantly reduce the number of three-putts and improve your overall putting performance on the golf course.