Will Zalatoris utilizes a traditional overlapping grip, also known as the Vardon grip, which is the most common grip style among professional golfers. Here are some key details about Will Zalatoris' grip:

  1. Left Hand Placement: Zalatoris places his left hand on the club with a slightly strong grip, meaning the “V” formed by the thumb and index finger points more towards his right shoulder (for a right-handed golfer). The grip runs diagonally across the base of his fingers, and the pad of his left thumb rests on top of the grip, slightly to the right side.
  2. Right Hand Placement: Zalatoris overlaps his right hand with his left hand for a secure and connected grip. The fingers of his right hand wrap around the grip, with the base of his right thumb resting against the left side of the grip. This provides stability and control throughout the swing.
  3. Grip Pressure: Zalatoris maintains a balanced grip pressure, neither too tight nor too loose. This allows for a natural and fluid swing while maintaining control of the club.
  4. Finger Positioning: Zalatoris positions the grip primarily in the fingers of both hands. This allows for better control and feel during the swing, as the fingers are more sensitive and responsive compared to gripping too much in the palm.
  5. Clubface Alignment: Zalatoris focuses on squaring the clubface at address and throughout the swing. His grip allows him to maintain a neutral clubface position, which is crucial for accurate ball striking.

It's important to note that while the basic principles of Zalatoris' grip are described here, grip preferences can vary among golfers based on factors such as hand size, swing tendencies, and personal comfort. Golfers often experiment and make adjustments to find the grip that suits them best. Therefore, it is recommended for golfers to work with a qualified instructor or club fitter to determine the optimal grip for their individual needs.

Will Zalatoris is a professional golfer who competes on the PGA Tour. Here are some key details about Will Zalatoris as a PGA pro:

  1. Early Career: Will Zalatoris was born on August 16, 1996, in San Francisco, California. He began playing golf at a young age and had a successful amateur career. He won the U.S. Junior Amateur Championship in 2014 and went on to play college golf at Wake Forest University.
  2. Professional Debut: Zalatoris turned professional in 2018 and initially played on the Korn Ferry Tour, which is the developmental tour for the PGA Tour. He earned his PGA Tour card for the 2020-2021 season after finishing in the top 25 of the Korn Ferry Tour's regular-season points list in 2020.
  3. Breakout Season: Zalatoris had a breakout season on the PGA Tour in 2020-2021. He recorded several impressive finishes, including a runner-up finish at the 2021 Masters Tournament. Zalatoris also had multiple top-10 finishes and secured his spot in the FedEx Cup playoffs.
  4. Playing Style: Zalatoris is known for his consistent ball-striking and accuracy off the tee. He has a compact and powerful swing, which allows him to generate distance while maintaining control. Zalatoris also possesses a strong short game and excels in his approach shots.
  5. World Ranking: As of September 2021, Zalatoris has climbed in the Official World Golf Ranking, reaching a career-high ranking of No. 27. His consistent play and strong performances have garnered attention and respect from fellow players and fans.
  6. Ryder Cup: Zalatoris has expressed his desire to represent the United States in the Ryder Cup, which is a prestigious team event between the United States and Europe. He has shown the potential to be a valuable asset to the U.S. team in future editions of the competition.
  7. Off-Course Involvement: Zalatoris is actively involved in philanthropic efforts and charitable work. He supports various causes and has participated in events to raise funds for organizations focused on children's health and education.

Will Zalatoris' skill, dedication, and impressive performances have solidified his status as a rising star in professional golf. With his promising talent and continued development, he is expected to achieve further success on the PGA Tour and compete at the highest level of the game.