What Are Oversized Golf Irons And Should I Be Playing With Them

    1. What Are Oversized Golf Irons And Should I Be Playing With Them?

    Golf iron design over the years has evolved massively which has seen varying designs and club head sizes incorporating the latest technology to aid a golfers game. Most of the innovation and improvements in design are to aid players who are not very consistent and who also have trouble hitting the ball through the air. With the enhancements in technology, most manufacturers now produce irons which incorporate the use of different metals and plastics compared to irons of yesteryear. These changes of materials are to make the game a little easier and more fun by helping players achieve greater distance and provide more forgiveness on off centre strikes.

    What Is A Proper Shoulder Turn

    2. What Is A Proper Shoulder Turn

    Many amateurs fall into the trap of trying to use as much force as possible by swinging the golf club with their arms, however, the majority of the swings power comes from the core strength one has. A good and efficient back swing uses the bodies core strength, combining the rotation of the shoulders with a strong 90 degree wrist hinge during the swing. The rotation on the back swing is an important component and does not need to be done at a fast pace.

    How Standing Further From Golf Ball Change Swing Plane

    3. How Standing Further From Golf Ball Change Swing Plane?

    The distance that you stand away from the golf ball, effects the angle that you swing the club head around you on, or your swing plane. You need to stand a suitable distance away from the golf ball, so that you are able to keep your back straight and tilt forward from your hips enough so that your arms hang directly under your shoulders and free from your body. If you hold the club with your arms and spine in this posture position, where the club head touches the ground is the correct distance that the ball should be set away from you.

    How can I stop hitting shots off the clubs toe

    4. How can I stop hitting shots off the clubs toe?

    Toe shots, where the ball is struck with the far end of the clubface, are common among golfers of all levels. A toe strike costs you both distance and accuracy while producing a clunky, unsatisfying feeling. Its easy to determine if youre hitting toe shots. After hitting an iron, check the clubface for a distinctive grass spot. Thats where you hit the ball. With a driver, look for a tee mark on the bottom of the club.

    How Does My Hand Placement Effect The Ball Flight

    5. How Does My Hand Placement Effect The Ball Flight?

    The grip is the most important factor determining where the ball will fly through the air. A golfer who has a perfect swing but a poor grip will struggle to shoot good scores and keep control over the shot shape. Having a strong grip will generally close the club face either at address or during the swing causing it to point left of the target.

    How Can Decelerating In My Down Swing Change My Golf Shots

    6. How Can Decelerating In My Down Swing Change My Golf Shots?

    When golfers start the down swing and then decelerate into impact, inconsistent shots are sure to follow! This is because the act of slowing the club down through the ball stops the club from accelerating through naturally. The fastest point of the golf swing should be just after impact as the arms and club fully extend. If the club decelerates into the impact then the fast point of the swing will therefore become halfway during the down swing. This deceleration will not only lead to a loss of power but also consistency of strike.

    Do Any Top Professionals Use Golf Hybrid Clubs

    7. Do Any Top Professionals Use Golf Hybrid Clubs?

    Todays leading Tour Professionals are obviously the elite of the sport. They have worked on their games, persevered, trained, developed and are at the top of their profession. They are the players who are able to hit the most incredible shots consistently well, week in and week out. These players have absolutely no problem in delivering the club face back to the golf ball and striking from the sweet spot, to deliver the ball flight that they require for any given golf shot. Even though these players are able to demonstrate such a high skill level with their golf clubs, many of them now include a hybrid in their golf bag to replace their 3 iron.

    Should I Grip Down On My Golf Driver To Improve Accuracy

    8. Should I Grip Down On My Golf Driver To Improve Accuracy?

    The driver is the longest club in the bag and due to its length, it is capable of swinging on the biggest swing arc and creating the most amount of speed, making it one of the most erratic and hardest to hit clubs. The speed it generates makes ball striking difficult. Drivers are now made with the most amount of technology legal to help you keep the ball in play if you have mishit it from the toe or the heel. Many tour pros do in fact have their driver lengths shortened in order to improve their consistency because their technique is so good that distance is not too much of a problem. If you combine that with having the perfect custom fit clubs, the only thing left to do it make sure the ball stays on the fairway to help make the hole accessible for birdies.

    How Can I Pitch From Tight Lies Around The Green

    9. How Can I Pitch From Tight Lies Around The Green?

    Hitting pitches from tight lies is something many golfers literally dread facing. This is because the ball sits tight to the ground, which is also normally firm. This tight lie does not allow players to get the club underneath the ball easily. Hitting wedges from tight lies can often result in skulled or thin shots as the club bounces up at impact, firing the ball over the green. Tight lies are a challenge when hitting pitch shots but can be played successfully by understanding how the wedge interacts with the ground at impact and how slightly altering the technique can result in cleaner strikes.

    What Do The Golf Ball Marks On My Clubs Tell Me

    10. What Do The Golf Ball Marks On My Clubs Tell Me?

    They give you valuable information on why the ball flight is as it is and help you to understand what is happening at impact, so that you can relate that to what you then see the ball doing when it flies. If you look at your golf clubs, you will see that there are strike marks from where the ball has struck the club face. These marks and their position on the club head will give you information as to what is happening at impact, when the club head strikes the ball. For example, if you see a shot that is going really low and over to the right, you will see a mark on the hosel – that is where the shaft connects into the club head and you are basically hitting a shank, if you are a right hand golfer.