Viktor Hovland Increased Driver Distance off the tee by making a few key changes to his swing and equipment. How PGA Pro Viktor Hovland Increased Driver Distance

  • He increased his clubhead speed. This was done by working on his swing mechanics, specifically his hip turn and shoulder rotation. He also started using a heavier driver shaft, which helped him to generate more clubhead speed.
  • He improved his launch angle. This was done by making sure that he was hitting the ball more in the center of the clubface. He also started using a driver with a lower loft, which helped him to get the ball up in the air more.
  • He gained more distance from his irons. This was done by using longer shafts in his irons. This allowed him to hit the ball more efficiently and get more distance out of his shots.

Hovland's swing changes were made with the help of his club fitter, Kenton Oates. Oates said that Hovland has become a “more dynamic player overall” since making the changes. He is now able to hit a wider variety of shots, which has made him more dangerous on the golf course.

The combination of these changes has helped Hovland to become one of the longest drivers on the PGA Tour. He currently averages 307.6 yards off the tee, which is 12th in the field. This extra distance has given him a significant advantage on many golf courses, and it has helped him to win two tournaments on tour.

Here are some additional details about the changes that Hovland made to his swing:

  • He started rotating his hips more on the backswing. This helps to generate more clubhead speed.
  • He turned his shoulders more on the downswing. This helps to square the clubface at impact.
  • He made a slight adjustment to his grip. This helped him to hit the ball more in the center of the clubface.

Hovland is still working on improving his driving distance, but he has made significant progress in a short period of time. If he can continue to hit the ball farther, he will be a major contender for many years to come.


Q: How can I increase my driver distance in golf? A: Increasing your driver distance involves a combination of factors, including improving your swing mechanics, generating more clubhead speed, optimizing launch conditions, and using the right equipment.

Q: What are some tips for improving swing mechanics to gain distance with the driver? A: Focus on:

  1. Proper setup: Ensure a good address position with your feet, hips, and shoulders aligned.
  2. Maintaining spine angle: Keep your spine angle consistent throughout the swing.
  3. Full shoulder turn: Maximize your backswing to create potential energy.
  4. Smooth transition: Avoid rushing the downswing; initiate it with your lower body.
  5. Solid contact: Striking the ball consistently on the center of the clubface is crucial.

Q: How can I generate more clubhead speed? A: You can increase clubhead speed by working on flexibility, strength, and timing. Focus on your fitness, especially core and leg strength, and ensure a smooth tempo in your swing.

Q: What are the key factors for optimizing launch conditions? A: Optimal launch conditions include:

  1. Angle of attack: Strike slightly up on the ball for more distance.
  2. Low spin: Reducing backspin on your shots can increase distance.
  3. Launch angle: Find the right launch angle for your swing speed.
  4. Centered impact: Hitting the sweet spot consistently minimizes spin.

Q: Does the golf ball I use affect my distance? A: Yes, golf ball choice can impact distance. Golf balls come in various compression levels and designs, and selecting one that matches your swing speed and preferences can maximize distance.

Q: How important is equipment in increasing driver distance? A: Properly fitted equipment, including the driver, shaft, and grip, can help optimize distance. Consult a professional club fitter to ensure your equipment suits your swing characteristics.

Q: Can I gain distance with a faster tempo in my swing? A: While increasing tempo might add some clubhead speed, it should not come at the expense of control or balance. A smooth and well-timed swing generally leads to better results.

Q: Should I focus on hitting the ball harder to gain distance? A: Effortlessly timing and sequencing your swing is more critical than trying to hit the ball harder. Trying to “muscle” the ball can lead to loss of control and accuracy.

Q: Are there any drills or exercises to help me increase driver distance? A: Yes, there are various drills and exercises designed to improve your flexibility, strength, and swing mechanics. A golf instructor or fitness professional can recommend tailored drills and exercises.

Q: How long does it take to see noticeable improvements in driver distance? A: The time it takes to increase your driver distance can vary widely among individuals. Improvement depends on your starting point, the effort you invest in practice and fitness, and the quality of instruction you receive.

Q: Is there an ideal trajectory for maximizing distance with the driver? A: The ideal trajectory depends on your swing speed and launch conditions. A moderately high launch angle with low spin often leads to optimal distance for many golfers.

Q: Are there specific techniques for hitting a draw or fade to gain distance? A: While shot shaping can be useful, it's not the primary means to increase distance. Focus on solid fundamentals, and once you achieve a consistent, straight shot, you can experiment with shaping shots.

Q: Can using a tee height impact driver distance? A: Tee height affects the launch angle and angle of attack. Experiment with tee height to find what works best for your swing, but typically, a higher tee can help maximize distance.

Q: How can I maintain accuracy while increasing driver distance? A: Increasing distance doesn't have to sacrifice accuracy. Focus on improving your overall swing mechanics and striking the ball consistently in the center of the clubface. Accuracy often follows distance improvements.

Q: Should I consult a golf instructor for personalized distance improvement strategies? A: Absolutely. A golf instructor can provide tailored guidance, drills, and feedback to help you improve your swing and increase driver distance effectively.

Remember that increasing driver distance takes time, practice, and dedication. It's essential to maintain realistic expectations and prioritize the fundamentals of your swing to see sustainable improvements in your driving performance.