Nick Taylor, a professional golfer from Canada, uses a conventional overlapping grip on the golf club. The overlapping grip, also known as the Vardon grip, is a popular grip style used by many golfers, including professionals.

To achieve the overlapping grip, follow these steps:

  1. Place your left hand on the golf club first (for right-handed golfers). Position the grip diagonally across the base of your fingers, with the club running across the top joint of your index finger and resting against the bottom part of your heel pad.
  2. Wrap your left hand around the grip, creating a firm but comfortable hold. The club should rest more in the fingers of your left hand rather than in the palm.
  3. With your left hand in position, take your right hand and position it below your left hand on the club grip. The pinky finger of your right hand should rest on top of the gap between your left index and middle fingers.
  4. Wrap your right hand around the club grip, making sure the base of your right thumb sits snugly against the left hand's lifeline. The V formed by your thumb and index finger should point toward your right shoulder.
  5. Both thumbs should be positioned more toward the right side of the grip, creating a slight overlap between the hands. The grip pressure should be firm but not overly tight, allowing for freedom of movement during the swing.

It's worth noting that grip preferences can vary among golfers, and while this information describes Nick Taylor's grip, it's always recommended for golfers to find a grip that feels comfortable and suits their individual swing characteristics.

If you're looking to fine-tune your grip or make any adjustments, consider working with a golf instructor or coach who can provide personalized guidance based on your specific needs and goals. They can help analyze your grip and make any necessary adjustments to optimize your performance on the course.