1. Setup: Matt Fitzpatrick starts with a solid and balanced setup. He aligns his feet parallel to the target line and positions the ball slightly forward in his stance. Fitzpatrick's grip is neutral, allowing for a comfortable and natural hand position on the club.
  2. Takeaway: Fitzpatrick initiates the backswing by smoothly rotating his shoulders and turning away from the target. His takeaway is controlled and precise, with minimal lateral movement. The club moves away from the ball on a slightly inside path, maintaining good connection between the arms and body.
  3. Backswing: Fitzpatrick's backswing is characterized by a compact and efficient motion. He maintains good posture and a stable lower body while generating a full shoulder turn. His wrist hinge is controlled and well-timed, allowing for proper club positioning at the top of the swing.
  4. Transition: Fitzpatrick's transition from the backswing to the downswing is seamless and well-coordinated. He initiates the downswing by starting the rotation of his hips, followed by the torso and shoulders. This transition allows for a smooth transfer of weight from the back foot to the front foot, generating power and stability.
  5. Downswing: Fitzpatrick's downswing is a combination of timing and precision. He maintains a stable lower body while generating rotational speed with his upper body. His arms drop naturally into the slot, and his hands remain connected to his body throughout the downswing. Fitzpatrick's downswing leads to a powerful and controlled release of the club.
  6. Impact: At impact, Fitzpatrick achieves a consistent and solid strike. His hands are slightly ahead of the ball, ensuring a downward strike and optimal compression. He maintains a firm left side, promoting a square clubface at impact. Fitzpatrick's impact position reflects his ability to generate accuracy and control with his swing.
  7. Follow-through: Fitzpatrick's follow-through is balanced and controlled. He maintains a balanced finish position with his weight shifted onto his front foot. His arms extend fully, and his body rotates towards the target. Fitzpatrick's balanced follow-through demonstrates his control and discipline throughout the swing.

Matt Fitzpatrick's swing sequence showcases his ability to generate power, accuracy, and consistency. By studying Fitzpatrick's swing, golfers can gain insights into proper mechanics, tempo, and sequencing. However, it's important to remember that every golfer has their unique swing characteristics, and what works for one may not work for another. Working with a golf professional to analyze and refine your swing is the best approach to improving your game.