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Before you go out and play, stretching the muscles which you're going to be using the most is very, very important. Now in the golf swing, using the hip flexes and using the hips to actually rotate and get the power into the golf swing is very, very important. Now there are different ways you can actually stretch these muscles out but probably one of the simplest ones you can do is getting into ascending knelt position using a golf club so all your equipment that you need is at hand. Now what you need to be doing is getting the left leg extended out in front of you just in a bent position so that the left knee is pretty much over the ankle, and then from there straightening out the right leg. Now as you move forwards, we feel like that right knee is going down towards the ground in this position here. Now what you want to be feeling is a stretch just from the top of the right leg here. So as you go down, feel like you're dipping down and stretching out and straightening that right leg as you go. You don't need to come all the way down, you can bounce yourself back up; down into that position, just holding it for a moment and then releasing it back up. You can swap legs and you can do this just to engage those muscles just to really stretch them out before you got out and play, and it really add to the key rotation that you need throughout the golf swing.