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Video Transcript

The hips are a fantastic source of power and stability when you are hitting the shot. The hips control a lot of the rotational power, but they also control a major part of balance within the golf swing. So exercising the muscles in the hips and around the hips is going to be very, very important. Now one great way to do this is using a T-hip rotation. It’s very simple to set up and quite hard to do, I’m not going to lie. When you do this the first time you will feel muscles that you have not felt before. However if you can get it correct and you can work this parts of the body you are going to be a lot stronger as a result. Now the T-hip rotation is all about the positions your body get into and you will see where the T actually comes from here. It just using a chair – you really want kind be placing your hand in a position where its just about knee height of the support so I’m going to use the underside of the chair here and I’m going to put my left hand on top of the chair for support like this.

Now what you want to be doing is standing on inside onto chair, putting the right hand underneath, the left hand on top and then from there extending the leg upwards and out to the side. And that gives the body that T shape position. Now what you will do you really feel the power and the actual stretch and the actual strain start to appear on the outside of the left hip when you are doing it here and it won’t actually take you that long. So right hand down, left hand on top, up and then relax. You don’t want to be holding it there for too long because these muscles will really start to contract very, very quickly. The longer you hold it there the more they will contract and the more chances you have of actually cramping up. But you can use this drill obviously on both sides and its really going to work the outside of the hips and hopefully give you a little bit more stability as you strike the shot.