Best Golf Irons
From Harry Vardon to Tiger Woods, all of history’s greatest golfers have been brilliant iron players. He who can hit the best golf irons with accuracy and control enjoys a major advantage on most competitors – and that’s as true for amateurs as it is for professionals.

Yet many regular golfers neglect practicing with their irons in favor of hitting the driver, shot after shot, when visiting the range. (Apparently, they take the term “driving range” literally.) Big mistake. Sure, it’s fun to pound the big stick all over the lot. But ignoring the irons can leave a huge hole in your game.

Here’s why: To get the best golf irons play requires striking the ball with a downward blow – the opposite of the ideal proper driver swing, in which you want to catch the ball with the clubhead moving slightly upward. It takes time and practice to develop and groove an iron swing that’s descending at impact. Focus too much on the driver and you’ll never get there.

Indeed, there’s a reason Ben Hogan – perhaps the greatest iron player of them all – famously said, “The secret is in the dirt.” Hogan chewed up many a range digging divots with his intense, incessant iron practice. may not turn you into the next “Bantam Ben,” but our teaching gurus will definitely direct you to better iron play.

This golf iron reviews section includes a seven-step guide to a solid iron swing, beginning with the setup and continuing through the finish. We explain the key fundamental of shaft lean, explain how to strike your irons with a powerful “trapping” action, and give tips on choosing a set of irons that matches your skills.

No, we don’t recommend adding a niblick or mashie from Vardon’s era. Modern irons are far superior. And you’ll become a much more formidable golfer by learning to hit them authoritatively.

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55.Part 4 Golf Irons: Takeaway and Backswing
56.Part 5 Golf Irons: Downswing
57.Part 6 Golf Irons: Impact
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