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You have always got to be trying to find ways to engage your core muscles a little bit differently, the core muscles plays such an important role in actually giving you stability to the swing and actually hitting the ball a long way. Now one way you can engage the core muscles, one way you can actually replicate what it will be like to hit a shot is to use a single leg twist. Now a single leg twist is fantastically easy to do well, fantastically easy to understand if not to do straightaway but you can use just a very light dumbbell, get into you golf posture position. So with the hips back, with the left knee here slightly bent, now what I'm going to do, is I'm going to start on my left leg, just by raising my right leg off the ground. Now what this does all over sudden it puts all my power and all my balance into my left leg.

So straightaway my left leg starts to try to find its balance point. Now as I do that onto that left side, I'm going to mimic little rotations back, and through as I will be doing in the actual golf swing. So try to find that balance point in my leg, back and then through, and back and then trough again. Now if you can switch this over to the right leg and just do it the other way around just to give you side different perspective, right leg try to find that balance point, back, then through, back and then through. So not quite full swings, pretty much effectively little half swings that you are going to be doing. But it really starts to engage the muscles that matter. That you are actually going to be hitting the shot with. And it’s a great way to actually include into your routine, and it’s a great thing to practice just before you go out and play as well. So give that a go, include that in and hopefully it will work the muscles that matter and give you a little bit more energy as you swing.