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Video Transcript

The rotation and the turn of the hips is a fantastically important part of the golf swing as it allows the body to rotate fully through the ball and for you to deliver a large amount of power into the shot. Now an easy way to exercise your hips to get them free and to get them stretching is to use hip crossovers. It’s also an added bonus that you get to lie down, although its not that easy to perform. So you’re lying down on your back, you draw your knee upwards, so they are pointed to the sky, you don’t want your kind of legs very, very close into your backside, just separate them out very, very slightly and the crossover is pretty simple you move off to the right hand side first, so you move in the legs and then this outwards to the right – to the left with your right knee effectively and then you come in over to the right hand side, so the same, and your left knee here s doing most of the work.

So over to the left, with the right knee pushing, over to the right with the left knee pushing. And you can lots and lost of these but these are just really working at your hips really loosening them up, because when you come through to impact, those are the key areas that you really need to be turning freely. So incorporate that into your routine, give it a go, it’s a nice little break from the heavy work as well as it will just get things moving but hopefully that will be a key ingredient to a successful downswing and a successful shot.