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Video Transcript

To get more spring, and to get more power in the lower half you need flexibility, but one key area which is often overlooked, is the calves. Now the calves sitting in between the thighs, the hamstring and the ankles play key linking role between the ground and the upper body. Now that flexibility, that area which needs to be flexible, which needs to be strong like I said is often overlooked but there’s a very simple stretch that you can do to really exercise that part of the body, to get it flexible and to get it a lot stronger for when you’re hitting shots. Now what we need to be doing is just to reach down drill, so you’re going to need a little bit of flexibility in your hamstring to actually perform this, but all it involves is crossing the legs over, so I’ve shifted my right leg over my left here, hold up the toe which then engages the calf and then reaching down, grabbing the toe and just pulling up so you can really feel it in the actual calf muscle. Now you can do this with both legs and you can do this for no more than kind of 15-20 seconds really, you don’t need much more than that but really move down and really feel the stretch along the back of that calf. It’s a tough one to do if you do have tight calves it can be quite painful, but that original pain will be replaced by rewards with extra flexibility and hopefully extra power when you’re hitting shots.