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This exercise again is about opening up the chest and getting yourself tall and into the right posture particularly notable for golfers I see on the golf course who are carrying their golf clubs or actually pulling a trolley. If you're pulling a trolley, you're kind of pulling your shoulder out of position quite a long time -- or actually carrying clubs on your shoulders. Your muscles and your shoulders will tense up to kind of protect from injury against carrying heavy golf clubs. So when you put your bag down and you walk up to the ball, you're still quite tense. It's a great exercise. You just clasp your hands around your back and just pull your shoulders generally outwards and downwards to sort of open the shoulders up, get your chin released again from your body and up nice and tall. Hold this position. You can with a little lean forwards into your golf posture there and then bring your hands and arms forwards to here without letting your shoulders rise up again. So shoulders get pulled outwards and downwards, opening and stretching up in the pec area, positioning your body nicely forwards for good posture. Then let your hands and arms come round and you should stand to the golf ball a little bit taller.

You can do that pre-round but actually I like to use that exercise during the round of golf if I feel like I’m getting tense or I’ve carried my bag or pulled my trolley for a long way. Stand nice and tall. Open my chest out. Set up to the golf ball. I feel a lot more relaxed after I’ve done that exercise try that next time you're playing and I hope that works for you.