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Video Transcript

A key area of the body which you need to stretch out and which you need to get ready for when you got out and play, are the hips. The hips play a major role in actually turning the body and the rotational power that you're able to generate when hitting shots. Now there's a great one that you can use; just before you go out and play it requires you just find the bench or something which you can just sit down or maybe in a bogey as well, just so you can sit down and really stretch out the hips. All it involves is just sitting down, keeping the back nice and straight and then drawing one of the legs up on top of the other; so it's almost in a semi kind of cross-legged position. Now when that's nice and flat so it's almost nice and flat like a table, get your left hand – I'm using my left leg here but get your left hand on to your left knee, move the body weight forwards; so you're pressing forwards kind of towards the camera here but you're just leaning the spine forwards, and then just use the left hand just to press down on top of the left knee.

Now what this is going to do by stretching forwards is going to start to loosen up the backside and by pressing down on the actual left leg its going to start to loosen up the hip as well. So this whole area of the body here is going to be stretched and its going to become a lot, lot looser. And you can swap over; so the left leg straight down, right leg in this kind of position here that's nice and flat leaning forward to the body and pressing down with the right hand, stretching out the backside, stretching out the hip; just holding it just trying to be breathe as normal and then relaxing upwards, standing up and then using some of the other routines on this website to get the rest of the body nice and flexible as well.