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Video Transcript

Now when identifying parts of the body which need to be worked on to improve the swing the hips and the groin is a fantastic area to focus on, simply because as you come through impact, the hips and the groin have a major part to play in delivering that club effectively and with power into impact. Now an easy way to isolate those areas and to stretch them out and make them more flexible is to use a bit of a half split stretch, pretty simple to do, little bit awkward maybe to begin with if you’re not used to stretching but certainly one to look into. Now pretty simple to do, it’s getting the legs nice and wide apart with your legs pretty straight and I’m going to move on to the left side here first, so I’m going to toe my left foot out so it’s pointing straight forward, I am going to let a little bit of flex into my left knee as well.

Now you notice how my right foot is pointing pretty much straight forward, the toe is straight forward. Now from here, I’m going to lean into my left side, keeping the right on the floor and beginning to feel the stretch in my right groin. Now from there I’m going to move up, left toe inwards, right toe out and stretch down into here as well. And this really just kind of isolates the hip regions and really stretches them out, you can really feel the stretch a natural strain going on there but if you can do this drill, if you can do this exercise get those areas nice and flexible when you come to hit your shots, hopefully that flexibility will remain and you can turn though with a lot more energy and a lot more vigor.