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Video Transcript

When you’re looking to improve flexibility one of the areas you really need to focus on straight away is the core area, specifically the abdominals, the side and the lower back. These areas need to be loose, they need to be free because as you’re turning through the ball their turning at a larger rate and they’re turning more powerfully than some of the other major muscle groups so around the core needs to be super flexible. Now there’s a certainly a way you can identify those muscles very, very quickly and it’s just a kneeling rotation, so if you get down onto your knees using a golf club, pop that down behind the back of your head so it’s resting across the shoulder line. Now from here sit back down into the heel so you’re kind of sticking your hips back almost like you would be doing in a golf posture, so sticking those hips back and from there we just beginning to turn the shoulders back it doesn’t need to be a 90 degree rotation like you’re doing the golf swing because you’re not on a tilt here, but just turning them back keeping the lower half still and out, holding it, you’re really feeling your lower back here and then back and rotate to the right as well. So it’s not a massive turn here but you can see on the knees here just pushing those hips back so they’re engaged and out and turning into this position here, relaxing back and then turning into there and it really does start to feel and stretch out that lower back. So if you’re looking for a stretch something to really cause a rotation to really free up this is a great one to use and also incorporate this into a more overarching routine of fitness that will see you hit the ball further with more consistency.