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When talking about flexibility within the golf swing, one area of the body you really need to focus on are the hips as they actually generate so much of the turn and so much of the rotational power that you need to propel the ball a long way. Now, using the hip flexed stretch to actually work these areas and to get them more flexible is a key thing that you need to incorporate within your golf stretching, within your golf workout routine. It's a very, very drill to do, it just require unfortunately getting a little bit lower to the ground and not standing up. We start off with a position where the left leg is straight behind you and the right knee is flexed into this 90-degree position.

Then slowly bend down until the left knee touches the floor. You see this is also slightly bent now, but then push forwards onto the right knee until you really start to feel the stretch within your hip and within groin area. Now, you can do this just holding it for a moment, relaxing, trying to breathe as normal and then swapping round the legs as well. If you can keep this balance between the two you don’t want one of the hips more flexible than the other, you need them to be both working in balance with each other because both will be very, very active during the golf swing. So, if you can work those kind of hip stretches into your routine, you're going to have a lot more flexibility where it really, really counts.