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Although they are not actually part of the core, the hamstring are a fantastically important part of the lower half, because what they allow you to do is fire the hips, keep the lower back nice and stable as you actually hit the shot. Now one area that golfers really struggle with their hamstrings is tightness and a lack of flexibility. Now it’s common across most golfers when you ask them to do a hamstring stretch its one of the most painful ones to do, simply because of the lack of flexibility which is normally there. Now this stretch is great, its called the inverted hamstring stretch which is relatively easy to do although it will feel quite tight with most people it may requires a little bit of balance as well.

So what it requires is to be standing on one leg, nice and straight, nice and tall so I’m going to use my right leg here as a demonstration, so standing nice and tall just on my right leg, I’m going to bring my arms out to the side, I’m going to lift my left leg off the floor try to keep it nice and straight and I’m going to tilt forwards from the hips until I can really feel a little bit of stretch on the back in my right leg and my right hamstring. Now hold it there for as long as possible but don’t obviously force yourself and hurt yourself but this is a great, because it actually keeps your balance as well. So it maintains you stretching but also it maintains you with balance as well and you can really feel it begin to appear along the back of the right leg. So you can switch all over as you do the left leg as well, hold it for as long as possible but it’s a great way to actually stretch out the back of those legs and stretch out the hamstrings. So incorporate that in your routine and see how you’re hitting.