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Video Transcript

Key areas of the body which need to be flexible when swinging the golf club include the shoulders, the arms and the upper back. And there’s a great exercise that you can use that really isolates these muscles and stretches them out to their maximum extent. Now you’re going to need a little bit of room to do this and you might look a little bit strange doing this on the first tee, but it definitely works and gets those muscles stretched out. Now all you need to be doing is getting down into a knelt position to begin with, putting the hands down on the ground in front almost like you’re about to do a press up but keeping the knees down as well. Now from here what I want you to do is stretch out the hands just out little bit more, and then start to lower the head below the arms whilst keeping the arms very stretched out.

Now what you’ll feel here is a stretch along the upper arms going into the upper back in the shoulders. Now from here, just feel like those arms and those hands go a little bit further, just relax for a moment, press down even more, stretch those arms out a little bit more, go down a little bit more and then one last time those arms out, that little bit further and then down even more. Now this will really start to stretch out those shoulders, the upper back and really start to make those areas a lot more flexible which is vital, if you want a nice full flexible body when you’re actually hitting the shot. Now you can do that lots of multiple times and you can feel like – I can feel it straightaway all that flexibility now in my shoulders, and my upper back. So give that a go, incorporate that into your flexibility routine, and your strength routine and hopefully that flexibility should carry on over to the course.