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When looking to improve your golf strength and your golf flexibility you really need to start from the ground upwards. Most of the power generated, well all of the power actually generated within the golf swing comes and start from your base, from the ground and actually having that power and having that flexibility in your lower half is absolutely key. Now, after you get passed the feet and the ankles, the first major muscle group you come to are the calves, you need them to be strong and you need them to be flexible. The very easy way to get them flexible, a very easy way to build and exercise into your golf routine is just to take a golf club, hold it out in front so both hands resting on top – one on top of the other.

Keeping the back nice and straight, start off my right leg here stretching it out. So, I'm moving my left leg towards the golf club, I'm putting flex in my left knee but I'm keeping my right leg nice and straight and then I am really leaning forwards, keeping my right foot flat on the ground. Now what this does, it really straightens out the right leg but it really straightens out and starts to stretch that calf muscle. So, hold it there for a few moments really feeling the stretch, then relax and then swap over. So, right leg goes forward, that flex in the knee, left leg – left foot flat on the ground and then lean forwards into the golf club into the right knee and really feel that stretch along the calf muscle. Now, if you can build that into your golf routine, you're going to have a lot more flexibility in your lower half and it's going to be able to perform to you when you need it.