golf drills

There are no shortcuts in golf. Then again, there are no speed limits, either.

The quickest route to improvement often involves simple golf drills that will hasten your understanding of a swing concept, give you a feel for the correct technique, or banish poor fundamentals in just a few practice sessions.

Our ever-expanding menu of golf drills, listed at left, includes video and text lessons covering a range of topics. While there are thousands of golf-specific training aids on the market, the drills here typically require nothing more than a simple prop – a clubhead cover or credit card, for instance – to set up and execute. ( features an entire section devoted to Swing Stick Tips & Drills, too.)

You’ll find golf drills to help add power and accuracy to your drives, increase your consistency with the irons, and cure common problems like slicing, hooking, shanking and poor contact. We cover the short game in-depth with drills for crisper chip shots and better distance control on the greens.

Need to shorten your backswing or tighten your swing plane? We’ve got entire series of drills devoted to those topics. Want a smoother putting stroke? You’ll find great drills right here. We’ll also teach you to handle situations that pop up on the golf course, such as hitting from uphill, downhill and sidehill lies.

When reading or watching these golf drill tips, you may be hesitant to try them on the driving range for fear of looking silly or out of place. Next time you get a chance, flip on the Golf Channel’s coverage of tour pros’ pre-tournament practice sessions. You’ll see the world’s best golfers using all manner of training devices and oddball methods. If they’re not embarrassed, you shouldn’t be, either.

Whether you want to work on your driving, hybrid shots, iron play, short game, putting, or all of the above, these golf drills will put you on the road to improvement.

Next stop: a better golf game.

1.A Great Drill to Help Your Putting Ills
2.A Simple Golf Drill to Improve Your Putting Feel
3.Best Chipping Golf Drills
4.Best Drills To Hit The Golf Ball High With The Irons
5.Best Drills To Hit Your Golf Irons Close
6.Chipping Alternatives Use This Drill for Practice
7.Compress the Ball with Right Arm Drill
8.Credit Card in Back of Glove to Check Backswing – Golf Tip
9.Credit Card in Back of Glove to Check Impact Position
10.Credit Card in Back of Glove to Check Setup, Golf Drill Tip
11.Credit Card in Right Hand to Check Backswing Clubface Rotation – Golf Swing Tip
12.Credit Card Next to Ball Helps Check Alignment – Golf Tip
13.Crisp Chip Shot Golf Drills Introduction
14.Crisp Chip Shot Golf Drills: Ball Behind for Descending Blow
15.Crisp Chip Shot Golf Drills: Grip Halfway Down to Stop Wrist Flick
16.Crisp Chip Shot Golf Drills: Lower is Better Experiment
17.Distance Control Golf Drills: Putt with Eyes Open, then Eyes Closed
18.Distance Control Golf Putting Drills Introduction
19.Distance Control Golf Putting Drills: Ladder Drill
20.Distance Control Golf Putting Drills: Lag to an End Zone
21.Drills To Hole More Golf Putts
22.Drills To Improve Golf Putting Speed
23.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Finish Line – Hands Win the Race
24.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Mark Ball Position with Tee to See Your Divot
25.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Object Ahead of Ball
26.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Place a Towel Behind the Ball
27.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Right Heel Up at Address
28.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Tee Forward in Your Stance
29.Fat Shot Golf Drill: Walk-Through Finish
30.Fat Shot Golf Drills Introduction
31.Golf – Best Drill For Maximum Distance
32.Golf Drill: Irons Flying Too High – Hands Too Far Back
33.Golf Drill: Irons Flying Too High – Hitting Too Hard
34.Golf Drill: Irons Flying Too High – Weight Staying Back
35.Golf Drill: Irons Flying Too Low – Hands Too Far Forward
36.Golf Fix: Don’t Practice Missing Putts
37.Golf Tip: Ball Above Feet – Compensations
38.Golf Tip: Ball Above Feet – What the Ball Does
39.Golf Tip: Ball Above Feet – What the Swing Does
40.Golf Tip: Ball Below Feet – Compensations
41.Golf Tip: Ball Below Feet – What the Ball Does
42.Golf Tip: Ball Below Feet – What the Swing Does
43.Golf Tip: Downhill Lie – Compensations
44.Golf Tip: Downhill Lie – What the Ball Does
45.Golf Tip: Downhill Lie – What the Swing Does
46.Golf Tip: How to Putt on Bumpy Greens
47.Golf Tip: How to Use a Long Putter
48.Golf Tip: Irons Flying Too High – Ball Too Far Forward
49.Golf Tip: Irons Flying Too High – Cutting Your Shots
50.Golf Tip: Irons Flying Too Low – Ball Too Far Back
51.Golf Tip: Irons Flying Too Low – Hooks
52.Golf Tip: Irons Flying Too Low – Not Enough Clubhead Speed
53.Golf Tip: Irons Flying Too Low – Weight Too Much on Front Side
54.Golf Tip: Stop Pulling – Correct Alignment
55.Golf Tip: Stop Pulling – Don’t Lean Back
56.Golf Tip: Stop Pulling – Maintain Face Angle at Impact
57.Golf Tip: Stop Pulling – Too Much Out-to-In
58.Golf Tip: Stop Pushing – Correct Alignment
59.Golf Tip: Stop Pushing – Don’t Steer
60.Golf Tip: Stop Pushing – Maintain Balance
61.Golf Tip: Stop Pushing – Strong Front Side
62.Golf Tip: Stop Pushing – Too Much In to Out
63.Golf Tip: Tee Peg in Top of Grip for Good Release
64.Golf Tip: Top 3 Ways to Improve Your Swing Tempo
65.Golf Tip: Uphill Lie – Compensations
66.Golf Tip: Uphill Lie – What the Ball Does
67.Golf Tip: Uphill Lie – What the Swing Does
68.Golf Tip: What is the Correct Swing Tempo?
69.Golf Tip: What is the Proper Golf Swing?
70.Great Golf Drill: 30 Putts to Perfection
71.Greenside Bunker Practice Drill
72.Groove Proper Putting Stroke with One-Handed Practice
73.Hook Golf Shot Drills Introduction
74.Hook Golf Shot Drills: Basket Behind the Ball, Inside the Line
75.Hook Golf Shot Drills: Hold Off Finish with Badge to the Sky
76.Hook Golf Shot Drills: Walk-Through Finish
77.Left-Hand Drill for Crisp Chip Shots – Golf Tip
78.Longer Swing Golf Drills Introduction
79.Longer Swing Golf Drills: Club Across Shoulders for Full Turn
80.Longer Swing Golf Drills: Complete Your Turn
81.Longer Swing Golf Drills: Front Arm Stretch Creates Tension
82.Make 10 Putts from Two Feet to Build Confidence
83.More Power Golf Drills Introduction
84.More Power Golf Drills: Belt to Target Faster
85.More Power Golf Drills: Hinge Wrists in an L Shape
86.More Power Golf Drills: Snap Front Knee at Impact
87.More Power Golf Drills: Two Clubs for Distance
88.More Power Golf Drills: Upside-Down Club to Increase Speed
89.Never Putt Short Again
90.Practice Drill Maintaining Connection Left Arm and Shoulder
91.Practice Golf Under Pressure to Overcome On-Course Nerves
92.Practice One-Handed for More Fluid Golf Swing
93.Putting Sweet Spot Drill
94.Right-Hand Golf Drill for Crisp Chip Shots
95.Shank Golf Shot Drills Introduction
96.Shank Golf Shot Drills: Drop Club Behind Body Coming Down
97.Shank Golf Shot Drills: Drop Two Balls, Hit the One on the Inside
98.Shank Golf Shot Drills: Swing and Miss on the Inside
99.Shank Golf Shot Drills: Use Face Tape to Diagnose, Cure Problem
100.Shank Golf Shot Drills: Weight on Heels in Follow-Through
101.Shorter Swing Golf Drills Introduction
102.Shorter Swing Golf Drills: Close Front Eye for Stable Head
103.Shorter Swing Golf Drills: No Leg Movement
104.Shorter Swing Golf Drills: Pitch Your Driver
105.Shorter Swing Golf Drills: Start Downswing Before Finishing Backswing
106.Shorter Swing Golf Drills: Strong Front Arm and Wrist
107.Shorter Swing Golf Drills: Two Clubs for Added Control
108.Slice Golf Shot Drills Introduction
109.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Aim Left and Hit Straight
110.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Baseball Swings for Better Rotation
111.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Basket Inside the Line
112.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Basket Outside the Line
113.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Club Points to Inside-Out Path
114.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Hook Chips for Better Rotation
115.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Split-Handed Swing for Better Rotation
116.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Swing Against a Slope
117.Slice Golf Shot Drills: Turn Left Hand Down on Follow-Through
118.Smooth Putting Stroke Golf Drills Introduction
119.Smooth Putting Stroke Golf Drills: 75 Beats Per Minute on a Metronome
120.Smooth Putting Stroke Golf Drills: Ghost Hands
121.Smooth Putting Stroke Golf Drills: Grip Pressure Experiment
122.Smooth Putting Stroke Golf Drills: One-Third, Two-Thirds Baskets
123.Stabilize Arms to Tilt Shoulders when Putting
124.Stable Legs Golf Drills Introduction
125.Stable Legs Golf Drills: Basket Between Knees
126.Stable Legs Golf Drills: Kneel Against a Chair
127.Stable Legs Golf Drills: Mirror Checkpoints
128.Stop your Golf Ball Slicing Drill (The Wall Drill)
129.Swing Plane Golf Drills Introduction
130.Swing Plane Golf Drills: Back to the Wall
131.Swing Plane Golf Drills: Grip End Points at Ball
132.Swing Plane Golf Drills: Maintain Spine Angle
133.Tee Peg in Top of Grip for Good Setup – Golf Tip
134.Tee Peg in Top of Grip for Good Transition – Golf Tip
135.Tee Peg in Top of Grip for On-Line Backswing – Golf Tip
136.Tee Peg Under Left Palm for Shorter Swing – Golf Tip
137.Thin Shot Golf Drill: Buttons Over the Ball
138.Thin Shot Golf Drill: Check Your Spine Angle in the Mirror
139.Thin Shot Golf Drill: Chip with Straight Arms
140.Thin Shot Golf Drill: Club Across Shoulders
141.Thin Shot Golf Drill: Swing Two Clubs to Extend the Arms
142.Thin Shot Golf Drills Introduction
143.Toe Golf Shot Drill: Drop Two Balls, Hit the One on the Outside
144.Toe Golf Shot Drill: Keep Club in Front of Body at the Top
145.Toe Golf Shot Drill: Swing and Miss on the Outside
146.Toe Golf Shot Drill: Use Face Tape to Identify Toe Contact
147.Toe Golf Shot Drill: Weight onto Tiptoes on Follow-Through
148.Toe Golf Shot Drills Introduction
149.Top 10 Golf Drills Ever!
150.Up and Down Practice Drill