Mental Golf

It’s impossible to say precisely how big a role the mind plays in the mental golf side, but everyone agrees it’s a big one. Like the swing itself, no one has ever completely mastered the game’s mental side.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try.

Golf presents a dizzying array of mental golf challenges. There’s the swing’s complexities, course and weather conditions to account for, risk-reward calculations, club selection and other factors – both tangible and intangible.

Then there’s the mental golf emotional aspect. Negative thoughts plague many, if not most, golfers; these impulses can derail a good round, or short-circuit the player before he reaches the first tee. The same goes for nerves, which can be good in small doses but debilitating if untamed.

In this series, we’ll tackle the common mental demons all golfers face at one time or another. Developing a balanced, consistent approach is key to excelling at the mental golf elements – just like the physical side.

1.A Good Practice Attitude Goes a Long Way
2.A Steady Mood For Creating Consistency
3.Beating Golf’s Pressure-Packed Situations
4.Caution: Tentative Mentality Causes Bad Golf Shots
5.Commitment Issues? Become More Decisive on the Golf Course
6.Find On-Golf Course Mood that Works Best for You
7.Focus on Results Playing Par Three Holes
8.Give the Course Some Respect With Loose Ground In Play
9.Golf Tip: Practice is Good for Your Game
10.Golf Tips for Beating “Paralysis by Analysis”
11.Golf Without Fear
12.Golf Putting Tip: It’s Your Head, not Your Hands
13.How to Beat the Wind with Your Mind
14.How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, Part I – Golf Tip
15.How to Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, Part II – Golf Tip
16.How to Deal with Problem Golf Partners
17.How to Practice a “Process vs. Outcome” Golf Mentality
18.How to Recover From a Golf Slump
19.How to Stay Positive on the Golf Course
20.How to Use Your Imagination Around the Greens – Golf Tip
21.How to Warm Up Your Mind for a Round of Golf
22.Improve Your Confidence, Control Your Fear on the Golf Course
23.Improve Your Golf Mental Toughness, Part II
24.Improve Your Mental Toughness, Part I – Golf Tip
25.Maintain Tempo from First Hole to Last – Golf Tip
26.Mental Putting Strategic Thinking
27.Muscle Memory Key to Golf Consistency, Success Under Pressure
28.On-Course Mood Be True to Yourself
29.Overcoming Intimidation on the Golf Course
30.Part 1: Get Into A Groove Before Teeing Off – Golf Tip
31.Part 2: Controlling Nerves And Reducing Stress, Mental Golf Tip
32.Part 3: Getting Into the Zone – Golf Tip
33.Part 4: Using Your Mind For Clear Visualization, Mental Golf Tip
34.Part 5: The Importance Of Winning – Golf Tip
35.Part 6: Setting Your Golf Goals
36.Part 7: Playing Golf Competitively Without Anger
37.Part 8: Mental Approach to Golf Course Management
38.Part 9: Jack’s And Tiger’s Mental Approach to Golf
39.Pay No Attention to Par – Golf Tip
40.Play Scary Golf Shots Without Tension
41.Staying in a Good Frame of Mind
42.Struggling on the Golf Course? Simplify Your Thoughts
43.Temper, Temper: Control Your Emotions, Control Your Golf Game
44.The Complete Round: Get Off to a Solid Start – Golf Tip
45.The Inner Game of Golf: Mental Approach and Attitude
46.The Need to Elevate Your Confidence
47.The Right Mindset to Handle Different Lies
48.Think Clearly on the Greens to Lower Scores
49.Top 10 Golf Mental Tips Ever!
50.Visualize Golf Shots to Banish Mechanical Thoughts
51.What is a “Process vs. Outcome” Approach ? – Golf Tip
52.Why You Should Play the First Hole in Advance