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Before you actually get onto the golf course, there are a number of exercises and stretches you can do to get yourself golf-ready. Now these stretches and exercises can be worked into a more-fuller routine or they can be done individually to really work certain aspects of the body. Now this particular stretch is all about the hamstrings. The back of the thigh, the back of the leg which play an absolutely key role in the flexibility not only of the lower half but also the lower back and the backside as well. Now this drill and this little exercise is very simple to do, all you need to do is find a slightly raised platform, so the side of the bogey, the side of a bench anything which will allow you just to raise your leg just to about knee height of the actual ground and actually balance it. So I'm going to start here with my right leg. I'm going to stretch it out in front of me so the leg is nice and straight and just so its resting on the side of a bench like this.

Now if you want to put a little bit of flex in there as well, it's not the end of the world but it might just take away something slightly from the stretch. So you're putting it relatively straight onto the side of bench, on to the side of a bogey keeping the right knee flexed and balanced, trying to get into a bit if a golf posture so a nice stretch back. Now just with the golf club you want to adjust behind the back of the shoulder blades turning one way, turning the other, all the time keeping that right leg nice and straight and just stretching out the back of the leg. Now what this will do, it will allow you to turn, it will allow you to rotate, it will allow you to work on the core muscles of the body and loosen those up but it is also going to allow you to stretch the back of the left leg out as well just before you play. So like I said you can work this into your pre-round routine, you can work into an exercise routine as well. But doing this before you play will really loosen up the hamstrings in the lower body and get you ready to hit the shot.