Golf Alignment Sticks

A humble length of plastic can help improve your golf setup and swing. This section features tips on using these Golf Alignment Sticks “swing sticks,” “alignment rods” or “tour sticks” to make the most of your practice time.

Golf may be a complicated game, but some of the best training devices are incredibly simple. With a few thin lengths of plastic, wood, metal or rubber, you can train yourself for better alignment, posture, hip and shoulder turn, hand action, chipping, putting – practically every component of the setup, swing and stroke.

The tips and drills below will teach you to use basic implements called “swing sticks,” “alignment rods” or “tour sticks” for more productive practice. They’ll help you eliminate bad habits, reinforce good ones and learn new skills that take your game to another level with Golf Alignment Sticks.

1.Better Golf Bunker Shots – Alignment Tour Stick Drill
2.Chip The Ball Closer With This Golf Distance Tour Alignment Stick Dri
3.Consistently Putt Better In Golf, Tour Alignment Stick Drill
4.Create More Power In The Golf Swing, Make A Full Turn, Tour Alignment
5.Create More Speed And Hit The Golf Ball Straighter With Just Your Hand
6.Develop More Power With The Golf Belt Buckle Alignment Stick Drill
7.Generate More Power In Golf – Synch Up, Tour Alignment Stick Drill
8.Golf Posture Drills, Get Consistent Swing With Tour Alignment Stick Dr
9.Great Golf Stability Through A Perfect Stance, Tour Alignment Stick Dr
10.Hit The Golf Ball Straighter – Nail Your Alignment, Tour Stick Drill
11.Hit The Golf Ball Straighter By Not Spinning Out Of The Shot , Tour Al
12.Hit The Golf Ball Straighter Through The Gateway, Tour Alignment Stick
13.Hole More Breaking Putts On The Greens , Tour Alignment Stick Drill
14.Hole Those Short Putts In Golf, Tour Alignment Stick Drill
15.Improve Your Golf Ball Strike – Ball Position, Tour Alignment Stick
16.Improve Your Golf Bunker Play, Hit The Right Distance Every Time, Tour
17.Make That Golf Ball Spin On The Greens With This Chipping Impact Tour
18.Shape The Ball – Hit A Golf Draw, Tour Alignment Stick Drill
19.Shape The Ball – Hit A Golf Fade, Tour Alignment Stick Drill
20.Solid Golf Putting – Ball And Shoulder Positioning, Tour Alignment S
21.Strike The Ball Better With The Correct Hand Position, Tour Alignment
22.Strike The Golf Ball Better, Drive The Hips, Tour Alignment Stick Dril
23.Strike The Golf Ball Like A Pro With This Impact, Tour Alignment Stick
24.Strike Your Golf Chip Shots Better, Tour Alignment Stick Drill
25.Swing It On Plane And Straighter With This Golf Tour Alignment Stick
26.Top 10 Golf Tour Alignment Stick Drills Ever!