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When looking to improve flexibility to improve your golf game, looking at the lower half of your body is absolutely essential as you draw up so much of your power from the ground you need your lower half to be flexible and you need it to be powerful. Now, as well as the calves, as well as the thighs, the hamstrings are exceptionally important to actually work in balance with the other big muscles. Now, using a hamstring stretch will allow your hamstrings to become more flexible and allow you to use them a lot more effectively as you actually hit the shot. Now a very simple way to stretch the hamstring is to take a golf club in both hands, get the feet about shoulder with the pose they would be for like an iron shot, try to keep that back nice and straight and actually lowering yourself down toward your toes.

Now, if you can just lower yourself down to a level where you feel is appropriate just so the actual fingers touch the toes will be great and then raise yourself back up and relax. If you can try to keep that back as straight as possible as well it really engage the back of the calves and the actual back of the hamstrings. So, try to keep that back straight allowing yourself to lower down just touching those toes before bringing yourself back up. Now, if you have a good level of flexibility you might be able to hold this stretch for a little bit longer as well. The longer you can hold the stretch, the more the hamstrings will actually extend and the more flexible you will become but taking slow to begin with because this is going to be quite a painful stretch to begin with as well. But if you can do it the flexibility will increase and the power and the way you can actually use your lower body in the golf swing will improve as well.