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How can my hip turn increase my golf shot distance? Now in the golf swing if you want to break it down into its fundamental points, it comes down to two main turns of the body. In the back swing the shoulders rotate away from the target and during the swing the hips rotate towards the target. Now if you want to break it down into those two simple steps there is obviously lots of things to go around that, but using a proper hip turn on the down swing can really increase your distance simply by increasing club head speed. But first of all you need a full shoulder turn and then you need a full hip turn coming through. Now there's a different kind of ways you can actually use the sequence properly, but if you just take it up to the top of the backswing, rotating those shoulder away from the target and getting in the middle of the back pointing down towards your target, from the top of the backswing it's your hips which start to move first, so your left hip starts to move backwards, your right hip starts to rotate through and at the point of impacts your hips should be slightly open as you rotate through.

Your shoulders and your arms actually just lag behind they are led by the hips. The quicker you turn your hips the quicker you rotate the faster your upper body will move through. It works almost like a sling shot as you turn to the top with the shoulders and you rotate through everything follows and everything works through. I’d like to say the faster you turn your hips, the faster your swing will be. Normally you don’t want to be swinging at full power all the way, just nice and controlled, so it's to the top turning away with the shoulders and then rotating through with the hips. So the hips lead the whole downward motion. Now what a lot of people do which is a mistake they actually try and increase their distance using their hips by turning back with the shoulders, but also turning back with the hips. Now when you turn back with the shoulders and turn back with the hips you lose all; coil between the upper and lower body. So when you are turning back with the shoulders keep the hips nice and still and then just use the hips to rotate through. So if you want to increase you distance use your hips wisely turn them through quicker and then let everything else lag behind.