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Video Transcript

Now many people are looking for an exercise which is very golf specific and they will work many muscle groups and stretch many muscle groups out all at the same time. Now this stretch is a fantastic one for that. It’s probably one of the greatest lunges you can use for golf because it stretches out so many of the muscles that you actually use when hitting the golf ball. Now it’s a slightly complicated position to get into, it’s a slightly complicated stretch to perform, but when you are in position and when you move you will actually feel all the different muscles begin to move, all the different muscles begin to stretch and you will understand why it’s such a fantastic one to use. Now the positions that you want to be getting into you can obviously swap this over but I’m going down with my right foot here first. So I’m stretching down with my right foot and I’m putting my left knee down on the ground. Now what this is going to do is as I move forwards here it’s going to stretch out my hip out build here on reflex on front of my left leg here. It’s going start to stretch out the back of my right leg and I’m going to press down quite hard with my left hand down and into the ground.

Now a lot of my lower half is really being stretched here and strengthened and this is where the added advantage comes in, because what I’m going to do is I’m going to come from an inside position here and I’m going to start to stretch up, with my right hand as high towards the sky as I can. Now this stretches out my shoulder, the right hand side of my chest its rotating my body, its stretching out pretty much everything apart from a few different muscle groups but it’s pretty much the one stretch that you can use to get as many muscles active at one time as possible. So once again its down with the right leg, stretching forwards, left arm down, right arm pushing down to begin with and then extending and stretching upwards. There are not many stretches you can do that engage more of the body at one time and then if you switch around and do it in the other direction its obviously going to work the same on the other side. So give that a go, give it try especially before you go play and you will see so much more flexibility when you are out there swinging.