Golf Equipment
Golf clubs seem simple enough. There’s a grip, a shaft and a clubhead. No moving parts, no engine, no batteries required.

Closer inspection, however, reveals these seemingly rudimentary tools to be more complex than a NASA space rover. OK, so that’s a stretch. Still, there’s an amazing amount of math, physics and geometry packed into every golf club.

What’s more with golf equipment, each club performs differently based on the skill of the player swinging it. The golfer with a clubhead speed of 110 mph will hit a driver one way, while a golfer swinging at 90 mph will get much different results from the very same club.

The takeaway: One size does not fit all. That holds true throughout the set, from driver to fairway woods, hybrid clubs to irons, wedges to the putter. The golfer who understands basic golf equipment concepts will naturally choose clubs that work best for his game.

In our Golf Equipment, Choices section, you’ll learn how minor variations in a club’s construction can have a major impact on your results. Topics including shaft flex and material, club length, clubhead loft and lie, grip size, the importance of clubfitting and more are covered in-depth by our experts. They also explain technical terms like Moment of Inertia (MOI), Center of Gravity (CG) and the difference between “game-improvement” irons and traditional “blades.”

Of course, clubs are merely the tip of the golf equipment iceberg. We’ve got tips explaining the various types of golf balls and how to choose the right ball for you. Training aids are a popular way to improve through practice – you can learn all about them right here. We’ll advise you on accessories such as hand-held golf GPS devices and rangefinders, too.

Indeed, there’s a multitude of equipment factors that influence how well you drive, chip, putt and score. Hey, golf is a pretty complicated game. It only looks simple.

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